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The best pb?!

Posted Apr 16 2011 2:25pm

I recently blogged about a big box of goodies that I ordered from goodness direct. Having now tasted and pretty much demolished most of it, I thought I would give a few of them a review.

Dates have been demolished!


I demolished the dates, they were good but not the best I have had. Nice cooked into some oatmeal or in a smoothie though.

I haven’t tried the nutritional yeast or the spaghetti yet, maybe a combination of the two would be good though?

I am a big fan of the biona rice cakes, I usually just get the kallo ones, but these are really tasty, they are a bit on the thin side, but that makes them perfect to make into pb rice cake sandwiches!

I really liked the conscious raw chocolate bar, but I would not of paid £3.00 for it, even the £1.50 I paid seemed steep for it as it was so small, but it was really good, it was rich and dark enough that 1 square was perfectly enough to satisfy any sweet cravings!

The cashew cookie nakd bar was A-mazing, I think I will try to re-create something like it, as they are on the expensive side, but it was so good. I was less of a fan of the gingerbread, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it just was not to my taste. I was not a big fan of the protein nakd bar either, it just tasted really powdery, but it does contain a nice amount of protein, so good for a post-workout snack.

Big fan of the coconut water, I found it really refreshing and would definitely use it after tough workouts in the future. The pea protein was another great purchase as well, you can barely taste it in smoothies, and it contains a whopping amount of protein and little carbs (ideal protein powder).

And finally onto the faves.

Too much yumminess for one photo!


The meridian cashew butter was really good, it was my first taste of cashew butter and I am a convert. It still can’t top peanut butter but it makes a nice change now and again! I am still plowing through the crunchy meridian pb, I can’t be converted to crunchy, it’s good, but its no smooth! Finally onto the Suma PB, this is undoubtedly the best pb I have ever tasted, and it is just roasted peanuts?! I don’t know how they do it, this pb is like crack, it’s so bloody addictive, it melts amazingly into oatmeal, and works just as well with spread on fruit or rice cakes. It’s so so good, I don’t know whether I will be purchasing it in future though as the jar just does not last long enough!

What is your favourite peanut butter brand?

Have you tried any new products lately or been converted to any products?


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