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Ten Reasons I’m Vegan: Jessica, The Domestic Vegan

Posted Nov 30 2010 9:15am

Today, we have another gorgeous vegan blogger, Jessica of The Domestic Vegan , sharing ten reasons she loves being vegan!  Jess’s healthy and easy vegan diet has been featured on Shape Magazine’s website , and she shares even more fabulous tips and recipes on her blog and Twitter .  You just can’t help but love her!

  • Vegans are true environmentalists!  The vast majority of land in the U.S. is used in the production of raising animals for human consumption – which is linked to deforestation, destruction of wildlife species, loss of soil productivity, mineral depletion, and water pollution.  By eating an organic plant-based diet, I am doing my best to not contribute to such destruction.
  • I’m helping to eradicate world hunger!  It takes many pounds of grain & water to produce one pound of animal flesh, which is an incredible waste of land & resources.
  • Cooking & baking without animal products is exciting & rewarding.  It’s so fun to experiment with recipes & recreate old favorites, cruelty-free style!
  • I no longer feel like a hypocrite for calling myself an “animal lover.”  Slaughtering & eating (or wearing) animals isn’t very loving, is it?
  • I always thought that slaughtering baby cows to be sold as “veal” was abhorrent, and when I learned of the dairy-veal connection, I knew that I could not continue to support the dairy industry.  (To read about that, see here .)

  • And speaking of dairy…  Humans are the only animals to a) Drink the milk of another species, and b) Drink milk past infancy.  Are you “lactose intolerant”?  That’s widespread & natural.  Go ahead & wean yourself!
  • I never feel sluggish or tired after a delicious, nourishing plant-based meal.  Vegan food is perfectly filling, but it energizes me so much more than heavy animal products ever did.
  • I’m doing what I can to protect myself from heart disease & cancer – the #1 & #2 killers in the United States, which are strongly linked to diet & lifestyle habits.
  • My actions & lifestyle are consistent with my values.  I oppose violence, oppression, and abuse, and veganism is the embodiment of peaceful, non-violent, compassionate living.
  • I want to age gracefully & healthfully – free of the aches, pains, and health problems that too often plague our society.  Plus, have you ever seen Mimi Kirk?  She’s a 72 year old vegan & HOT. AS. HELL.  (Seriously, check her out .)  What an inspiration!

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