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Taza Chocolate Review + Juicing Update

Posted Feb 20 2012 10:54am

I was plannning on writing about my new favorite chocolate on Valentine’s Day.. but really, why do we need a day set aside to eat chocolate?  There are 364 other days in the year, people!  :)   Of course, this Valentine’s day, no chocolate was consumed by me, unfortunately.  So, if you don’t know already, I am kind of a chocolate girl.  I am not a chocoholic, but I do love my chocolate!

I was really excited to try out these chocolates because they aren’t like any I’ve ever had.  And with flavors like salt & pepper I was really curious.

If you live near the Taza factory, they offer 1-hour tours, which is making me salivate just thinking of how awesome it’s got to smell there!!! Also, just a really neat extra is on their website, you can enter your batch # from the back of your chocolate bar and see all kinds of facts about that particular batch.  And you can check out the process to make their Mexican chocolate.  Their chocolate has a different texture, a bit gritty, which I was thinking I might not enjoy, since creamy chocolate is so good.  But, no, this is even better I think.  It is also the perfect sweetness:chocolate ratio in my opinion.  And the salt & pepper?  That turned out to be my favorite flavor!

87% Dark.  I have gradually become more of a dark chocolate fan.  This has the consistency you are probably used to in a chocolate bar.

But these Mexicano chocolate discs are where I think Taza shines!!!  (If you need any ideas of a gift to get me anytime, hint, hint ;) )

Taza 70% Orange Chocolate Mexicano puts a modern, Mexican-inspired spin on the classic flavor combination of chocolate and orange.  We gently roast and stone-grind our single-origin Dominican cacao to preserve its bright, intense flavor and rustic texture.  Then we stir in premium quality organic orange oil in just the right amount for a perfect balance of sweet citrus and rich dark chocolate. A new classic is born

Ingredients: Organic roasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic orange oil.

The orange flavor is so strong and intense – way better than those chocolate oranges I’ve had.


Salt, black pepper, chocolate.  Three iconic flavors, prized throughout history.  It’s about time we combined them.  We stir naturally organic coarse kosher salt into our bright, intense Chocolate Mexicano for a sweet-salty tang and crystalline crunch.  Organic cracked black peppercorns add bursts of warm savory spice that linger on the palate.  A novel idea that just might be a new classic.  [I couldn't agree more!]

This gets my vote for the best chocolate  :)


If you love chocolate and want to try something new, try to find a disc of Taza’s Mexicano chocolates.

*I was sent these 3 for review purposes, and am giving my honest opinion.



Am I still juicing??   Yes, I am.  Last week, I had about 5 days where I had meals and/or snacks, while still juicing at least 1-2x per day.  But on Thursday, I decided I want to keep doing the juice only fast until 30-days, which will be March 1st.  I am still in shock that I have done what I’ve done so far, and am really excited about the remaining 10 days.  Oh, and I may have lost 13 pounds so far as well…  :) :) :) ::me doing a happy dance::  And I’m also really excited because I ordered an Excalibur dehydrator that should get here on Wednesday – I’ve got big plans for kale chips, sprouted breads/crackers, and more using the juice pulp as well.



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