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Posted May 25 2008 10:33am

I’ve been tagged by Natalie!

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
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5 facts about me :

1. I am in love with photography! I took a photography class in high school after discovering that I had some natural talent. I have had a photograph featured in my school’s Fine Arts Festival, a photograph hanging in the school’s main office, and an offer to sell one at a silent auction! I didn’t go through with the auction because the rights of my photograph would have gone to a woman and not me! I took this two weekends ago in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s not much but it’s the most recent thing I’ve shot:

2. I am finally graduating from High School this weekend!! Our graduation is on Saturday and I cannot put into words how excited I am!!

3. After living in North Carolina for almost 11 years, I am moving. We are moving June 20th or 21st. I will definitely miss North Carolina but I am also excited to start the next chapter of my life. Like my Politics teacher said, “This is when real life starts.”

4. After much deliberation, I decided that I am going to go to school for Communications and Broadcasting. I am a great writer (If I must say so myself) so I might dabble in journalism as well. Tune into CNN in ten years and maybe you’ll see me ;)

5. I got published!! A few of my photographs, poems, and short stories were published in my school’s yearly book. I am so excited!! I got turned down last year for a short story I entered so I went all out this year.

I guess it’s time for me to pass this along… I am afraid that most people have been tagged already so excuse me if I double tag you.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!! I am having grilled mango and tofu with curried rice for dinner tonight!

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