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Sweet Suburban Sky

Posted Nov 29 2012 8:09pm

I love November skies. It is at this time of year when the sunsets are bursting with colour, like an artist letting go in front of the easel…..this was a scene from tonights walk with Leo all cocooned in his baby sling.

Today was a quiet and cleansing kind of day for me. Leo was settled and we shared lots of sofa time, snuggling into one another before venturing out into the crisp evening. My eats, similarly, were clean and wholesome. 

My breakfast of avocado pudding made with avocado, banana, spinach and cucumber and topped with lucuma and raw cacao nibs, felt good to eat and kept my tummy happy. Prior to this, a cup of good old hot water with lemon kickstarted my systems.I love giant mugs that I can hug in the morning…….well I used to anyway. These days I’d rather hug my little man :-) Morning gorgeous boy! :-) I was SO lucky today as Leo had his first proper nap. And by that I mean more than a five minute snooze. I took the time to make myself a huge lunchtime salad. Thank you for letting mummy have time to make lunch today Leo! And yes, that is a family serving bowl all for myself! What can I say? This girl just LOVES salad! In fact, I had spinach for every meal today – I think it’s a post pregnancy craving? I’m thinking after the seven weeks of bleeding, my body needs spinach to regain it’s Popeye status!! This salad featured some new jewels – raw onion bread pieces by Raw Lisa, hulled hemp seeds and sundried tomatoes. DELICIOUS!

Anyway, I’ve gotta get this cleansed but sleep deprived body to bed before my son needs feeding again!


Emm x x


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