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Starting a Blog

Posted Oct 16 2010 1:55pm

Ever since I saw the movie Julie & Julia I always wanted to have a blog! Why not? The idea of ''sending my thoughts to the universe'' is kind of appealing. What if someone else share those thoughts? I don't know yet what I'll feel like talking about but since I am very talkative it shouldn't be a problem.

I actually have an interesting (well to me) thought right now: Today was the first time I bought tofu since I live in this appartment. Kinda weird considering I am a vegan. One of my roommates is a vegetarian and he buys those meatless sausages/burgers/whatever all the time. And me? Nope. To me it seems like buying veggie chicken tastelike nuggets is kinda strange. If you like the taste so much why don't you just buy real chicken? Is it like not wanting to let go the idea of meat? It's like pretending that you are still something when you are clearly not. Hahaha. I am not upset or anything. I just find that funny.  If I have a ''burger'' it will definately not taste anything like meat: I make them from seeds and nuts :)

 I guess that will be all for my first post ever.

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