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Sprout Tutorial

Posted Nov 29 2012 10:33am
I love sprouting.  It is so simple and you don't need any fancy equipment.  Here is an easy ways to grow your own sprouts at home.  I buy my seeds from Sproutpeople .  I am not affiliated with them in any way; they are just who I have been using for years. Many health food stores also sell seeds.  For lentil, mung, adzuki and chickpea sprouts, you can use regular dried legumes; you don't need to buy special sprouting legumes.

Soak your seeds for 8 hours.  It is often recommended to use filtered water, but it is not necessary. I usually use tap water. I am not a purest, I am a realist.  If you feel more comfortable using filtered water, then do so!

I use regular, wide mouth ball or mason jars.  You can buy special sprouting lids, but you don't have to.  I like to buy knee high pantyose and secure them with a rubber band.  You can also re-use any glass jar you have on hand.

After the 8 hours, drain and rinse your sprouts.  You will do this at least twice a day.  I keep mine on the counter with no problem.  Many people keep them out of the light.  I haven't found it necessary to do so.

It will take between 2-5 days to get mature sprouts, depending on how hot it is.  When the sprouts are done, fill a large bowl with water and rinse them, so the hulls rise to the top.  Scoop the hulls out of the bowl with a ladle, then drain the sprouts well in a colander.

Line a platter with paper towels or a tea towel.  Allow the sprouts to air dry turning them over several times over a day or two.  This process also allows them to turn nice a green.

They will keep in a covered container for 5 days if you make sure to dry them well!  I LOVE sprouts with avocado, roasted tofu and my Wasabi Ginger Dressing .

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