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Spring Vegan

Posted Mar 22 2011 9:48pm

I admit it. I’ve been stealing a little more time with the family now that the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to enjoy our bikes! We’ve been teaching Little Man how to ride his new tricycle, and while he’s pretty much there, he wants to get off the trike and run because he perceives it as faster. I’m sure in no time we’ll have to peel him off the thing, though.

When he’s had enough learning for the day, we bring out the good ol’ truck he got from Grandpa for his birthday last year. Now using that pedal, he has down. Daddy has some chasing to do because Mommy gets a little insistent about keeping the toddler (and his truck) out of the pond.

It’s not just about bicycles, though. I’m so excited to see little budding flowers. Why hello there, Spring!

Spring green means green eats, and I’m all about green on my plate and in my cup! I’ve been a juicing fool lately and yesterday was no different. Except yesterday’s juice was a little more exciting because I received the glass straw I ordered from Glass Dharma! But more on that in another post!

And then there were these fantastic raw spirulina date balls I found at the co-op. Yum! I picked up some raw corn salad with plenty of green onion and celery too, but that didn’t exactly make it all the way home…

I also found these awesome raw cocoa goji squares at the co-op, but hmmm… those aren’t green now are they?

Green, green, green. Oh, there’s the side of very lightly steamed broccoli with our Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Chick’n (recipe in a future post). It was Saint Patrick’s Day, so I felt like I should at least make something with potatoes. Delicious!

Of course, there’s one last way you can tell it’s spring… Sweet and Sara’s Peepers and Skippers are available!! I had saved my Groupon to use for Little Man’s Easter basket goodies, so I was bummed when they said Groupons couldn’t be used towards the chicks and bunnies, but I just used the Groupon towards a marshmallow sampler and a couple s’mores and paid for the themed treats. It worked out.

Aren’t they cute?! I haven’t tasted any of it yet, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I think. I have a feeling they’re amazing, but I’ve been unofficially avoiding white sugar for now.

I finished reading Crazy Sexy Diet , and am looking forward to doing the adventure cleanse! My wisdom teeth are being removed next week, so I’m waiting until I recover to began. While the procedure itself isn’t a big deal, I have a condition that impedes my blood clotting, making it more of a hassle. Wish me luck!

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? What vegan “foods” did you enjoy for the first few days after surgery? It’s looking like a lot of green juice and frozen banana “soft serve” for me… Any other yummy ideas?



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