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SimplyLivly Review/Giveaway + more

Posted Nov 12 2012 2:21pm

I wish I could come up with catchy phrases for the titles of my posts… but nothing seems to work, especially when I’m talking about more than 1 thing in my post.  Oh well.  If you came here for witty blog entry titles, you are at the wrong blog.  In fact, I’m just not a very funny blogger…but I’m not apoligizing for that.  It’s just a fact.  I don’t want to try to write in a certain style or be a certain type of blogger.  I’m just me.  Someone who’s blog almost always makes me laugh (especially with the seeming never-ending misadventures her pups get into with protein bars) is Janetha .  That’s the beauty of blog-land.  We’re all different, so read a lot of different blogs, for then you’ll be a well-rounded individual, no? ;)

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about another Etsy shop I’ve discovered:  SimplyLivly .  (Her shop is just so cute! Love the color scheme and layout!  Note to self:  Need to work to make my shop this adorable!)

I was sent this very unique necklace  -

{ source }

I love how it’s such a simple idea – a fabric necklace that just ties in the back, which makes it incredibly flexible in how long/short you want to wear it.  While the beads do weigh it down a bit, the fabric ties hold very securely and it’s very comfortable.  Also, this would be gorgous, as in her picture, for a wedding or other very formal event, but it also can be very casual, as how I wore it.

I’ve worn this a few times already and have had people ask me where I got it…well, now you know!! :)   SimplyLivly has a lot of choices from the color of the fabric to the color of the beads to the number of rows and so forth.

Check out her Facebook page, where she posts coupon codes, announcements, and other fun stuff!

Oh, did I mention she’s offered to give one of you a necklace too?  Oh yeah!  :)

Do any/all of the following to enter (leave a comment for each thing you do):

  • Check out her shop , and comment which is your favorite
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Subscribe to my blog via email (see right)
  • Follow me on BlogLovin’ (see right)
  • Share on your blog/Facebook/Twitter (one comment for each)
  • Giveaway will end Friday, Nov. 16th at midnight EST.

    *was sent product for review purposes, but these are my honest opinions.


    In other “happenings” (lol, I know painting nails is far from a happening, but just wanted to share), and since it’s Monday…even though I did this yesterday, and even though I’m not up on my weekly alliterative postings, I can call it Manicure Monday.


    Last week, I spent a few days in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was windy, cold, and rainy, but it was still very beautiful.

    Just a few pics:


    The story behind this picture is just that it was spotted on the cliff walk, and obivously, I wasn’t going to open up someone’s love letter, but what I could read of it said, “I’ll love you forever”  Isn’t that so sweet?  Makes me want to know more details….was this in memory of someone?  Was it put there for the other person to find and he/she just hasn’t come across it yet?  ahhhh.

    I was going to post a new recipe I made (quite by mistake actually) yesterday, but I’ll have to save that for tomorrow, as this is getting quite lengthy.  Have a great Monday!

    P.S.  Don’t forget – if you want anything from Scenty from my party , it ends the 19th.

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