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Simple Squash Saute

Posted Oct 08 2011 1:21am

Happy Friday! And it seemed to take forever to get here, didn’t it? I only had a cold for 3 days of this week, but it felt like an eternity. A running nose and throbbing head pain makes long days seem many times longer. The most frustrating part of having a cold was not being able to run. I wanted to and seriously considered trying it, even on the cold and rainy nights. But decided not to risk it after reading this article .

Even without the presence of a fever, says Dr. Dobken, some sinus infections, when stressed by exercise, can lead to pneumonia or, in extreme cases, respiratory failure.

Yuck, no thanks! But after the excitement of Sunday’s half marathon , working out on an elliptical at home seemed pretty dry. Thankfully I’m feeling much better and looking forward to a good night of sleep and maybe a long run tomorrow.

Today was gorgeous with the cool, crispness of fall in the air.

It made me want to go out and shop for new winter boots. We weren’t the only ones enjoying the sunlight, Smokey had to re-charge her solar cells.

To prepare for a therapeutic session of cat mushy.

I decided to stick to a fast, veggie-loaded comfort dinner for a therapeutic night at home and piled up what needed to be used up in our fridge to get creative with. Tempeh just appealed to me as a comfort food after a few days of not-so-happy insides from the stinking cold, the probiotics in tempeh do seem to help my insides when other beans seem to upset it more.

I chopped up the Lightlife Organic Soy Tempeh and sauteed it with olive oil and a couple cloves of minced garlic. Then added carrot peels, steamed spaghetti squash, chopped red cabbage, chopped red pepper, and minced ginger. After cooking over medium heat for about 10 minutes, I seasoned with sesame seeds and soy sauce to taste.

For a quick throw together, the dish came out great with varying textures and a nice gingery and garlic punch.

And it came together in about 25 minutes including the 10 minutes it took to steam the spaghetti squash halves in the microwave, not bad.

Now I’m really looking forward to a laid back weekend of nothing planned, it’s exactly what I need after a crazy few months! Hubby and I might shop, I might make it to the grocery store, or even check out some new vegan dishes in Sacramento . Who knows and I like it! Got any plans for the weekend?

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