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Sexy Veganism?

Posted by Tamar F.

The New York Times has reported on a development in Portland, Oregon. There is a "Casa Diablo Gentlemen's Club" that is, well, a vegan strip club. No fur, silk, leather or feathers is to be worn by the dancers and the cuisine is vegan.

The controversy is between the feminists and post feminists (Suicide Grrrls, Vegan Vixens, PETA), over whether sex should be selling veganism.

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Wow, how to address this. First of all I must say, I have no problem with stripper or exotic dancers, to each their own, I hold no judgments. And I believe the female body is something to be admired and adorned, but I do not believe one needs to parade it in front of a bunch of hormonal men for their "viewing" pleasures. I can see where post feminists are saying this is a good thing, more power the to woman and their sexuality, but it is at the cost of selling the female body. I'm on the fence with this one, I really can see both sides. Maybe us woman need to start a "Casa Diable Lady's Club" to even the scores a little.
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