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Settling in

Posted Oct 20 2013 10:41am

This week has been mental and I am feeling absolutely shattered. On Monday I went for my first run (other than ParkRun) since the Cardiff half, I ran the mile down to Nick’s house and got drenched, we waited for 40 mins or so for the rain to abate and then we took his dog Lola running for 2 miles and then I ran the mile home. I popped into town in the afternoon to stock up on a few bits before the move, and treated myself to a Pulsin’ bar- totally necessary.


Tuesday was a beautiful day and I couldn’t wait to get out there and run, I just headed out and decided I would see how I felt. I ended up doing 6 miles in 1.03 and really enjoyed it. I usually get the post race blues and end up in a funk after training for an event for a long time, so I am just trying to enjoy running right now and avoid that feeling!! I went out for lunch with my family and had a lovely roasted tomato and basil soup, then I walked down to Nicks and walked Lola, taking me to nearly 10 miles for the day! Tired legs after that. I spent the rest of the day overfilling my suitcase and worrying how I was going to carry everything.


Wednesday was an early wake up call as we got the coach to move to London, I had 3 enormous bags and luckily didn’t have to carry them too far. We had a very long journey (over 4 hours) as the traffic into London was atrocious, we then couldn’t get a taxi from either the coach or train station at Victoria for some unknown reason and we ended up waiting about 30 minutes for one, and then got stuck in more hideous traffic as we headed to our new home in Islington. We finally arrived and it was nice to see the place without someone else’s stuff in. We grabbed some salads from Pret for lunch at 3.30. Our removal company came around 5.30 and dropped off all the boxes, which was pretty good timing, so we set to emptying a few in the evening.


On Thursday I headed for my first run as a London resident. I ran up to Highbury fields, around the whole park and another half loop and then back, it was around 3.1 miles total in 32 mins which I was pleased with. We spent most of the day unpacking boxes, lifting and moving so it was pretty tiring, we also did a big food shop in the afternoon. I now live less than 2 minutes from a Planet Organic, which is very dangerous!! We carried on unpacking until the evening when my brother came round to see the new place and I cooked a lovely tofu stir fry, he also bought some dessert reduced from Planet Organic, that passion-fruit pistachio cake was shared and was delicious.


I took Friday as another rest day as I was hanging from the unpacking! We finished off the last few bits and then got to tidying and organising things. We headed off to Barbican and Moorgate to check out Nick’s work route so we had a nice walk. In the evening I made my first ever Thai curry, how have I not made one before?! I made Dreena Burton’s Thai chickpea almond curry, it was super delicious, Nick gave it a thumbs up! I did some hip opening yoga in the evening as my body just ached all over.

I woke up in time for Parkrun on Saturday and despite my body not feeling the best I decided to go for it. I ran the 0.8 miles up to the start, where there were around 2 people waiting 5 mins before, I knew it was a small one, but I was worried it wasn’t on at all. Other people soon arrived and we were off just after 9.00am. There was only about 90 people in total, much smaller than the 3-400 I’m used to in Cardiff and Dublin. The course was 5 1/2 laps, I am not a lap fan, I find it challenging mentally, especially when people are lapping you after 2 laps!! I just find it pretty dull, so I don’t think this is a route I’ll be doing often. I didn’t feel too bad, but couldn’t really push it, I ended up getting home in 26.49 for a personal worst Parkrun time!! I ran the mile home, to make it 5 miles for the day! Not my best day, but I got a good workout in and Parkrun isn’t a race after all!!


After a quick shower we headed out to brunch which was very disappointing. By this point it was 11.30am and I was starving so we went to Giraffe. I wanted the muesli but was told It was only available Mon-Fri, really?! The chef can’t pour a bowl of cereal on the weekend?! The porridge could only be made with milk too, I don’t understand why they can’t make it with water?! So I went for a bowl of fruit with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, it was pretty measly and not what I wanted after a 5 mile run. Won’t be going again! We walked to Argos on Old Street to get some tarp so we can keep our bikes in the back garden, we had a good 2 mile walk and then had a lazy rest of the day. We watched the Hobbit, some football and rugby and generally chilled. I was feeling very drained and Nick was feeling ill so I made a really spicy Mexican dish for dinner- cleared out the sinuses.


Today has been a pretty relaxed one, Nick isn’t feeling well and I’m feeling really drained and achy so it has been pretty chilled. We walked to the local farmers market which was a really good one, and I got a load of figs, some squash, strawberries and apples amongst other things, very reasonable as well. I made soup for lunch and attempted my first loaf of bread. It was buckwheat and spelt with no yeast. I didn’t grease the greaseproof paper beforehand- I thought that was the point?! but the bread stuck like glue to the paper so I ended up having to cut the sides and bottom off! Other than that the bread was amazing and I’ll definitely make it again, I’d say that’s probably the first time I’ve eaten any bread in a few years but I really enjoyed it. It’s so wet and miserable now so we are just going to snuggle up and watch some films for the rest of the day.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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