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Scrimpy Livin'; a vegan cooking experiment

Posted Dec 31 2012 9:39pm
As mentioned yesterday, I've spent the last couple of weeks contemplating a direction for the lizz delicious blog to take during 2013. I've been blogging for exactly one year now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I do, however, feel like it's time to start focusing on things other than recipes and to get more into interacting with others, both through my writing and through experiencing the vegan community in Austin. And as such, I decided to start a "project" very similar to others you might be seeing on the Internet at this time of year. It's the beginning of 2013! A lot of people take advantage of the new calendar year by initiating a change in their lifestyles. Many will do this by starting an exercising regimen or going on a diet. Meanwhile, I have chosen to go explore a lifestyle makeover in the economical sense. That's right; I'm getting scrimpy!
Introducing my first "column," Scrimpy Livin', a three month experiment geared toward turning my kitchen and cooking practices into an example of DIY and penny-saving can-do attitude.

Looking back at my bank account for November and December I realized that my grocery spending got out of control. I didn't have as much time in the evenings and I purchased a lot of packaged foods as a result. Chris and I also have a restaurant habit. We definitely ate out more than was necessary during the past two months. The result? We are broke. And this couldn't come at a worse time; Chris recently had to take out a loan to pay for an expensive car repair and we'll be signing a lease for a new apartment before the end of February. The last thing I am interested in doing is diving into my savings in order to pay for the deposits and fees. No, thank you, sir!

So, I'm taking this opportunity to share with you how I go about getting into the habit of planning meals, making food ahead, and learning to make bread. My goals for the next three months are
  • Make all of our bread from scratch.
  • Use only dried beans. No cans!
  • No sweets, unless made at home.
  • Eating out no more than once per month.
  • Spending approximately $30 per week on groceries for the both of us, or $120-140 per month.

And, of course, I will be sharing with you my progress as I do so.

Ultimately, the entire point is to alter the way we eat and cook at home. By the end of March, I expect the process of making baked goods, readying beans in advance, and cooking grains in bulk will become habit, establishing a new way of living for me and my family.

It is also a long-term goal of mine to eventually become self-employed. In addition to saving what money I do have now, I also have my sights on making more money in the future. I'll be setting up a new Etsy shop very soon in order to generate a supplemental income. 

Each week I'll be sharing a post with the previous week's meal plan, photos from the experience, and any recipes from that came out well or that I think you might enjoy.

It's going to be a FUN experiment, and I hope you stay tuned in! Remember, you can follow updates from this blog through Twitter , Facebook , G+ , or through Email subscription.

Thanks for reading!
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