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Running 35 Miles a Week

Posted Sep 23 2013 4:18pm

Last week was another crazy one, with lots of workouts, packing and working. It was my last heavy week of training before I start to wind down for the Cardiff half in 2 weeks time. We started packing earlier in the week as well, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of bubble wrap and boxes. We have a large amount done now, with just the kitchen and appliances to pack up- smoothie maker is going in last ha!

Picture 3

I started the week with a 5 mile interval run on the dreadmill in 46 minutes. This was a good sweaty workout with a mix of shorter and longer intervals. I also started new LiveFit workouts and they are tough, with really heavy weights and a lot of sets. I did chest/abs, and could really feel it in my core. We did a large amount of packing so I was pretty wrecked by the end of the day.

Tuesday I did a gentle 5.4 mile recovery run in 55 minutes. I felt really good and my legs felt surprisingly fresh after the interval session on Monday. I got absolutely drenched from about 1.5 miles in so I tried to shelter in the park for most of the run. I did a really tough legs session later on, it took just under 40 minutes, with lots of supersets and heavy weights, my legs were wrecked! We went out for Mexican food and saw Rush which I really enjoyed. When we came back I did some hip opening yoga to loosen things out.

photo 2

On Wednesday I had another good 7 mile tempo run in 1.07, not quite as quick as last week, but it was my 5th day in a row of running, my legs were not fresh and I was feeling pretty tired, especially after leg day yesterday. I also got a short shoulders session in.

Thursday was rest day, and boy was it needed. I don’t usually run so many days in a row and I felt pretty tired. I took the rest day on Thursday as the weather was fairly atrocious. I just did hip opening yoga after work to loosen things up.

On Friday I got in an easy recovery jog of 4.2 miles, my legs were feeling pretty tight during the run. I then did a super tough back/delts workout before heading off to work.

Saturday was a day off for me so I got in my long run of the week. Summer seems to have made a reappearance, which was quite unexpected as I was debating wearing my thermal long sleeved top! I just went for the vest thankfully, and I was struggling with the heat from 3 miles on, it was just so muggy and humid, which made it such a battle. My legs weren’t feeling the best, but I pushed through, and did it in a slightly slower time than last week at 2.21. I took on 2 gels and some coconut water through the run. All I could taste was salt from 3 miles in, not good!! So random as it’s been freezing cold here for the last 2 weeks!


I had such a busy day, as we continued packing, then we walked just over 10 minutes to our local supermarket each carrying two heavy bin bags full of clothes to recycle, which was a workout in itself. We did a small shop and then I spent the afternoon cooking, I made energy balls, pumpkin almond/walnut butter (It is amazing!) , and a tempeh mexican dish. In the evening I went for a swim in the Irish sea, it was bloody freezing but so rejuvenating, got to love all those minerals going into the body, great for recovery! It was a stunning evening, and the perfect day to go. I finally sat down for the first time all day around 9.40pm!! Not so much of a restful day off!

I felt absolutely wrecked when I woke up yesterday morning but I headed to the gym to get in my last workout of the week which was an arms/abs session. I had a gentle 15 cycle afterwards to cool down and then headed off to work- not the place to be when the weather was so beautiful! After work I headed into town for my works leaving do at The Farm. It was a lovely evening, many cocktails were drunk and I was truly feeling it this morning. I had to sweat the hangover out and felt much better afterwards.

photo 1

That was one of my heaviest workout weeks ever, I’ve only ever run 35 mile weeks during peak marathon training so it was a big thing for me. I actually feel great despite the increase in miles, my body seems to be recovering well and holding together nicely which is probably due to the fact that I have built up to it sensibly! I am slightly dropping my mileage this week before tapering next week, only 2 weeks to go now! Excited and nervous in equal measure!

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