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Restaurant Review: My Thai Vegan Cafe, Boston, MA

Posted Jan 21 2012 2:09pm
First of all, please forgive the super crappy pics.  I only had my phone with me and the lighting of course is atrocious.

I've been wanting to try out My Thai Vegan Cafe in Chinatown since the day I moved here and I'm glad I finally got the chance!

It was totally overwhelming in a good way to realize I could eat anything on the menu and I will be going back for sure to sample more dishes.  My favorite market in Chinatown is right down the block and I pass by the corner all the time during my walks around Boston.

So, I'm really sorry that I don't remember what everyone ordered..  but I do have pics.  I dined with two people and they loved their food too.

I started with the Hot and Sour Soup.  I liked the flavor, although it was a bit sweet for my taste and definitely NOT hot enough.  People in the NE really need to provide a good hot sauce for people like me.  I also wish it had been a bit more sour... but all in all, it was good and a rather large portion.. oh and it was a tad salty. So, more heat, more acid less sweet and less salt.
My dining companions got this lovely Mango salad. It was really pretty and had a nice complexity of flavors.  I only had a bit, but it was good.

Oh god, the lighting is killing me.. but you can see how pretty it is, right?

Spiralizing makes everything look prettier .  The flavors consisted of peanuts, lime, mint and mango and just a hint of Thai bird chilies.  I'm going to Haymarket today and they often have cases of mangoes for $5.  I'm tempted to buy some.

So... onto the main meals.  I ordered the Green 'Chicken' Curry.  It was labeled spicy and of course, I asked them to cook it super spicy.  They didn't. I would not consider the dish spicy at all.  I am getting annoyed by the lack of heat in food, but other than that it was lovely... although the chicken was gluten based and I seem to NEVER learn that I can't eat it. It makes me really sick and I break out in hives.  The dish had a lovely mixture of thai basil, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and the 'chicken'.  They sauce was flavored beautifully other than the lack of heat and I enjoyed it.
It was served with rice and again, was a very generous portion.  I can't wait to get some of their tofu dishes in the future.
My dining companions were thrilled with their dinners.  I don't remember what they ordered, but I did snap pics of course.

The last two images are ONE dish!  The portions are definitely generous and I felt the price was reasonable.  We all ordered soup.  They split a salad and we each got an entree and additionally, they ordered 1 soup to go and two more entrees to go and the price came to around $75 or so.

I will definitely be back (although for take out most likely so I can bring it home and add some HEAT!

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