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Raw Vegan Cleanse Day 6/7/8

Posted Jul 17 2012 11:30am

Wow, I have had a super crazy busy weekend and have no time to post an update on my cleanse. This is probably going to be quite dull and wordy as I have few taken few pictures over the past few days. Between working long shifts the last three days, getting up early to get in weight and cardio sessions and the amount of time it takes to prep all my meals, I have barely had time to sit down let alone blog!

Day 6

The day started with the usual cayenne pepper, lemon and hot water. I was planning on a long run but it was so wet, damp and miserable that I just ended up taking a rest day. I had the set raw breakfast, snack and lunch, but mid afternoon I really wanted something warm and comforting as it felt like winter, so I had some millet porridge. I felt kind of lame for giving in, but just decided to repeat this day again the next day instead.

Day 6 Repeated

Again the usual hot water, lemon and cayenne pepper. I had to be up early to get my workouts in before work so I headed straight to the gym. I did LiveFit Day 72 which was back and abs and it took around 26 minutes, the weight aspect of the workouts is much condensed in the final 2 weeks of phase 3. I then headed out for my long slow run of the week. I hit the trails and it was so beautiful and peaceful early in the morning, I did 5.68 miles in an hour which I was pleased with for my long slow one of the week, I was aiming for 7 miles but I ran out of time!

Chocolate Banana Mylkshake

I quickly had my breakfast which was the Chocolate Banana Mylk Shake. I subbed out the cacao powder for Chocolate Sunwarrior though and left out the optional sweetener. I also added in the optional 2 tsps of maca to aid my recovery! This was a really good shake, you can’t beat chocolate and banana! I then headed off to work with my snacks and meals for the day packed up.

Pineapple Coconut Salad

Around 12ish I went on my first break and dug into my Pineapple Coconut Salad. This was so good, the mixture of the fresh juicy pineapple and the crunchy coconut was lovely. Very Tropical! I also had the afternoon snack of the mango mint shake as I was having lunch quite late. The shake was pretty good, I’ve started to really enjoy my afternoon green juices, and will definitely be keeping them going once I finish the cleanse.

Asian Cabbage Salad

Nick came down and met me on my lunch break and I sat outside and soaked up some of the non-existent sunshine (at least it was dry though!) while eating my Asian Cabbage Salad. This was really good, I loved the almonds in there for a bit of crunch, and the flavours of the fresh basil and mint were really delicious. I added the optional tbsp of nutritional yeast, because my life would not be complete unless everything was drowned in it! Love it! Instead of the apple cider vinaigrette I used 2 tbsps of yesterday Thermo Dressing as it had Asian style flavours and I thought it would work well, plus I had lots of it on hand in my fridge.

Dinner was Coconut Tomato soup. I love any raw soup that contains tomato or coconut so this was always going to be a winner. It had a bit of a kick with the garlic and the ginger which added a little bite to it. I had a handful of soaked nuts in the evening, and what I can only describe as the greatest peach I have ever had in my life. It was seriously that good!


What challenged you today? Not quitting on this challenge and getting back on track after my non raw afternoon/evening yesterday.

What excited you today? My long run was awesome, I felt so alive and it was wonderful to be out in nature when it was so peaceful and calm.

Day 7

I prepped my food for day 7 the night before, nothing like being organised, plus it took me ages! I had my hot water and lemon with cayenne to start the day, and then quickly drank my “Matcha Shake” which was frozen banana, soaked almonds, green tea, ice, spirulina and maca! Certainly superfood packed! It was nice but not amazing!

I then headed off to the gym for LiveFit day 73 which was chest and calves. It only took around 24 minutes although that was long enough for the dips to pretty much destroy me! I then headed out for a short run. I did 3.06 miles in 30 minutes which I was pretty pleased with after yesterday’s longer one.

I headed back home and had a repeat of my breakfast shake but with Chocolate sunwarrior instead of almonds. Then I headed off for another long day of work.

On my midday break I had the Pecan Candy Apple snack. This was chopped apples topped with crushed pecans, cinnamon, vanilla extract and coconut oil. it was good but the tbsp of vanilla was a bit overpowering so I would use less next time. I loved the pecans and apple together though.

I headed home for my lunch mid-afternoon and had the Corn + Basil Salad. I used Romaine and Red leaf lettuce as my base, and added in some sauerkraut as I have a huge jar to use up now! I topped it with the thermo dressing again. This was pretty good, but not amazing. I also had the Smooth Operator which I hadn’t really been looking forward to. Instead of the afternoon fruit based juice, this was purely vegetable. It was ok, but I wouldn’t have it again.

Dinner was the Souper Supper. Which again was ok but not amazing. It seemed like it needed a little something extra to take it up a notch. I finished the evening with half an avocado, so yum, one of my favourite snacks.


List 5 things you did right today:

Saved myself time by prepping the night before and prepping for tomorrow also. Listened to my body and had the evening snack of 1/2 avocado. Got in my workout despite being pressed for time with an early shift. Got in some me time with some meditatio to unwind before bed. Remembered to take my reusable bottle out with me, so I didn’t have to use plastic cups at the gym etc.

Now that you have finished phase 2 how do you feel? I personally feel great. I don’t think I have ever felt better, but it hasn’t solved my allergies or my eye problem which I have now had to go to the gp about. I feel like I have so much energy right now, and I am excited to start phase 3!

Phase 3 This phase adds in thermogenic rocket fuels to keep the bodys metabolism firing. It adds in a yummy dinner meal instead of the raw soups which I am now having as an afternoon snack.

Day 8

Again I was working a long day so prepped my food the night before. I started with the usual hot water/lemon/cayenne and then had the Vanilla Blueberry Shake. I used frozen blueberries which made it nice and thick, and added almonds, green tea, vanilla extract (not the suggest 1 tbsp though!), ice, water and spirulina (Not the 1-2 tbsps! More like 1 tsp!)

I then headed off to the gym and did LiveFit day 74 which was arms and abs and just 22 minutes, getting shorter by the day! I finished it up with 30 minutes of moderate cycling doing almost 5 miles while reading runners world!

I headed home and had the same smoothie as breakfast but with Chocolate Sunwarrior instead of the nuts. Somehow sunwarrior always makes everything better!

I packed up my food and headed (in my wellies!) into work, it was some of the worst summer weather I had ever seen! On my morning break I had the Red White and Blueberry Salad. I used fresh strawberries and blueberries and although they were expensive, they were worth the splurge, plus I hadn’t had them since moving to Dublin in March, so it was worth a little treat! They were topped with cacao nibs, flax and maca. This was so delicious. You can’t beat fresh berries!

For lunch I had the Kreamy Chipotle Salad. I used a mix of romaine and red leaf lettuce, and added in sauerkraut and radishes in addition to the recipe. I quartered the dressing recipe as I don’t have space to store tons of different dressings, so I just made a 1/4 cup serving. The dressing tasted great, but by making less it meant it didn’t blend up as well, so it was more like a nut topping than a dressing. I drowned the salad in nutritional yeast. Standard.

I also had the Kreamy Cucumber Soup, which was really delicious. The avocado and coconut oil made it so lovely and thick. This was one of my favourite raw soups so far.

For dinner I had one of my favourite dinners full stop. I love raw noodles and raw marinara so was so looking forward to this. I shredded a zucchini, and topped with the marinara, I also added in some sundried tomatoes and topped with a load of nutritional yeast to boot. So good. This was the first dinner I had had that wasn’t soup in the cleanse. I had a handful of nuts later in the evening, and before going to bed at 12.30 I felt quite hungry, and decided to have a handful of raisins otherwise I know I would wake up in the night. I can’t believe how hard it is to get hold of raisins that aren’t coated in anything. I had to buy sunmaid raisins i.e shipped halfway around the world because I just couldn’t find uncoated/glazed raisins anywhere!

What challenged you today? Just being organised and prepared enough for the day. Also getting out of bed at 6 for my workout when the weather was incredibly grim was a struggle, but I always feel amazing after so I knew I had to get it in.

How do you feel? I actually feel amazing. I am listening to my body, giving it what it needs and nourishing it with so much amazing food. My workouts have been great throughout the cleanse, and I so am happy to be incorporating more and more raw foods into my day.

What’s your favourite raw dish?

Are you organized and do you like to prep early if you know you are going to be busy?

 What’s your favourite evening snack?


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