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Raw Food News You Can Use

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm

Did anyone watch the Tyra Banks Show on Wednesday? Yeah, I figured I was the only one…

First of all, I have to say that in general, this show is probably one of the most poorly made shows on television. I was disappointed that there wasn’t much of a dialogue at all about how each of the women felt on the different diets and how this experience has affected their lives. The entire show was really just a brief recap of the three diets and then a big weigh-in at the end. There was a definite lack of substance here – all fluff. Come on, I want to get to the heart of the issues (!), but I realize this is probably too much to ask for from a day time talk show. I think it would have been great to get a health report on the participants before and after – blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, but they didn’t do that either. Also, they really should have compared the participants weight as a percentage rather than simply number of pounds lost, even though the “winners” (those who lost the most) would have stayed the same. So now for the results: Alissa Cohen’s team came in second to Dr. Ian’s team (bummer). It’s certainly difficult to run this sort of a “competition” for the simple reason that not everyone will be willing or able to follow a diet that is chosen for them (not BY them). Even Dr. Ian, whom I found grating on the previous episode, was quick to admit that not all diets work for every person and that you actually have to CHOSE how you want to eat, or a certain plan won’t work for you. That being said, one of the members of Alissa’s team was not able to follow a 100% raw diet, which I can totally sympathize with. I think these women got stuck with the diet that was probably the most radically different that what they were used to, so I find it only natural that they would have a difficult time with it. (On a side note, neither member of Jillian’s team followed her diet 100%, causing her to come in third. I found this strange, especially since Jillian’s diet seemed so mainstream. I mean, couldn’t Tyra’s producers find anyone who was really willing to commit to a diet for a few months, if for no other reason than to make a more interesting show? I digress…) I may be biased, but I thought Josie, the woman on Alissa’s team that actually followed her diet, looked the healthiest and most radiant of all the participants. She fell in love with raw food so much that she actually may become a chef in Alissa’s new restaurant (50 minutes north of Boston – opening this year, I believe). Behold, the power of raw! I just wonder if Josie will find it easy to follow a raw diet in Maine, if she does decide to move there for the chef position, after living in Southern California…

In other fascinating raw food news, there is a new film coming out soon that chronicles the journey of six SAD-eating diabetics who go on a 100% raw food diet for 30 days. Accordingly, the film is called “ Raw for 30 Days.” From what I saw in the trailer, it appeared that they were at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ, but I’m not entirely sure. It would make sense, because I know Dr. Gabriel Cousens (TOL founder) has done a lot of work with diabetes patients. Promising info for anyone with this disease – spread the word.

Lastly, I found this article online that you might find interesting. A study was done in Britain in which volunteers were locked in the zoo for 12 days and required to eat nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, and honey (not vegan in the eyes of many, but we’ll overlook that).

I love seeing all the attention that raw and vegan lifestyles are getting these days. Sometimes, I feel that we’re getting one step closer to Veganworld*….wouldn’t that be great?

(*J and I often muse that we wished we lived in Veganworld where we could go into any restaurant or shop and buy anything we wanted without worry of it containing animal products. It’s hard living in a city with so many fun-looking restaurants where probably the only thing you could order is a naked salad – and even then you’d worry about getting a piece of chicken or cheese tossed in “by accident.” :P Someday…)
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