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random, random, random, not random, random

Posted Jun 20 2007 12:00am
Have you ever seen the episode of King of Queens in which the husband wants to buy a a motor home and the wife is dead set against it?
My favorite line is when her friend asks her, "where do you go to the bathroom in one these things?" The wife replies "in a bucket. Behind a piece of cardboard."

I went on a shopping spree at the dollar store.
10 dollars, 10 items. Plus tax
1 comb (Orange. wide teeth). 1 pack of metal thingy less hair ties (I can't have the hair I'm donating to little bald kids breaking now, can i?). 1 two pack of shower caps. 3 Big plastic hair clips (also to stop the breakage). 4 rubber stamps (dinosaur, smiley, rainbow peace sign and butterfly).

I went through my huge basket of socks and undies and threw out a a nice sized plastic bag of old ratty ones that I don't want anymore.

Also I have been filling a HUGE bag with clothes (don't want, are stained, don't fit, why did i buy this in the first place) today it was full and I took it out.
Bye bye crap!

We have a Minimum now at work, instead of a goal.
It's 30 postings a day.
Listed, packed, weighed, and stored. Dimensions, weight and location entered into the computer.

Today I got 25.
Co-worker got 21, I think.

I introduced my co-worker to the joys of jewelry.
Small, easy to list, sells like hotcakes, light and easy to pack.
All of the packages are the same weight and size (makes for super easy data entry)and did I mention that they sell like hotcakes?

Anyway, it's a good thing.
I think if we work together we can make it.
As long as you disclose all the flaws and tell them how much it weighs, you really don't get any kind of questions or bad feedback from the custys, either.

Everything is still good with the man and the boy. He is thinking of moving again and mentioned a motor home. Nothing firm. What a dream though.
I would love to live in a motor home and go shopping all over the USA and sell things I find on eeeeieiobay.

I got refunded for the shoes a tried to buy a while back.
I still wish I had those shoes (sad face)
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