29/04/2011 · 08:09

Totally random:

I have had tofu only twice in my life, the second time being yesterday:) I should probably cook with it more often. The first time I had it in a salad. The second time I made an amazing sauce for my bulgur salad, made of half the pack of tofu, a bit o soy milk and a handful of walnuts, all blended together.

I bought a huge bottle of soy milk on Sunday in order to have something to put in my “fake coffee“, but the taste is horibble!! Too late I found out it has quite an amount of sea salt in it and if you try to imagine salty coffee, you probably see my problem:) That said, I know there are people who actually enjoy their coffee with a pinch of salt and fresh lemon juice. I am not one of those people:)

I rarely get ill. But since I started working with kids, I get cold like once a month. Blame it on the kids:)

After my first zumba lecture, I was like: “So what? What was all that hype about?” But I love it now, I attend a class at least twice a week.

I don´t like when people are whispering. I just can´t stand the sound of a whisper. Strange, I know:) I can´t stand the advertisements for Garnier because of the lady whispering in the end:))

Well, enough with the randomness!:) Now to some more serious matters (oh, come on, you know I won´t be serious:) My yesterday exam went totally well and I am happy I don´t have to prepare for other exams until the begining of June. As I have written I was so cool and calm I was even able to fit a morning zumba class in my schedule! Today I have a huge plans (i.e. a dinner with my sister and a not so thrilling appointment with my orthopedist), but hoppefully I will sneak in some exercise. For now, the only things I could sneak in anything were my overnight oats, a cup of freshly sqeezed orange juice and another cup of roiboss tea.

My yesterday´s festive dinner looked like this:

A big bowl of veggie soup – mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, peas, celery..all those things went in! And how good it was! I was really in a mood for a bowl of something warm:)

Next course: a salad of amazing colour:) Roasted beets, onions (when you pour boiling water over them, ir really brings out the milder flavours), white beans, cucumber, red pepper and that´s probably all. Olive oil and red vinegar dressing was poured over this vitamin boost:)

I am a beets lover, probably a random thing also, but it is true:) Hope you have a lovely Friday and even lovelier plans for weekend!

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