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Posted Mar 23 2012 4:48pm

Question by OiOiOiOi:
What is the greatest vegetarian/vegan hotdog and cheeseburger chili recipe or product?

I typically use Texas Pete Chili Sauce, as it is vegetarian (produced with soy grits), but I need a thicker chili and a greater taste.

If any individual has a recipe or comprehends a product that does not have beans I’d really like to hear it. Thanks!


Reply by frozenocean27
boca burgers are really excellent
try morning star farms manufacturers they have lots of meat alternatives

Answer by Hannibal the Cannibal
There are a lot of chili “starters,” where they come with some speedy-cooking beans and seasoning. Grab a single of people. Add a can of beans seasoned for chili, a can of tomatoes seasoned for chili, two handfuls of lentils, and chopped kale (about 1-two cups, or 1 bunch), and as considerably hot sauce as you’d like (I utilized red pepper flakes and habenero hot sauce). Simmer and serve this more than a veggie canine/burger. Read the ingredients on the burgers to make certain they are vegan if you happen to be looking for that. Morninstar Farms has some that have no casein/whey in there.

This chili has been omnivore accepted, so you know it really is great!

Solution by rad_tastic45
I really like SmartDogs. Finest hot dogs ever, and taste the same without all the greasy aftertaste.

I typically make my personal chili, so I am no assist there. Sorry. And I love beans.

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