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Posted Sep 01 2012 4:47am

Query by :
What is a vegetarian option to parmesan cheese?

Would seem like this kind of a straightforward question, but I am discovering it tough to discover out a vegetarian substitute. What is the best alternative for vegetarians to alternative into recipes utilizing parmesan?
Vegetarians do eat cheese, but Parmesan cheese is made up of rennet (extract from cow stomachs), as a result it is not vegetarian.


Solution by Elisa
In terms of flavor, there are no alternatives to parmesan cheese.


I did not know parmesan cheese was against vegetarianism. I know it’s not “vegan”, but vegetarianism? I thought vegetarians nevertheless eat cheese..

Answer by Turnip Fan
Nutritional yeast flakes are vegan and have a nutty-cheesy taste to them. That is what I would use.

Reply by Vikki
As mentioned above, nutritional yeast is typically my go-to. I have observed some recipes recommending nutritional yeast plus crushed nuts (almonds or cashews have been the two I saw).

There’s also this item manufactured by Galaxy Nutritional Foods:

I’ve utilised it and it really is Ok.

Note that both of these, however, are generally to sub for the type of parmesan that you uncover in a shaker and lob on top of your pizza. If you have a recipe that calls for fresh grated parmesan, I’d propose basically subbing your favored acceptable grated cheese.

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