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Posted Feb 02 2011 1:48pm

Question by delia:
I follow a vegan diet and have food allergies. What are some good options for eating out and/or at home?

I usually have no problem finding vegetarian/vegan options at any restaurant. However, since I have learned of my food allergies (sesame, sunflower, tree nuts,) I have been reluctant to eat at restaurants! It’s difficult enough to find options to eat at home (since many vegan options include sunflower oil.) How can I find away to eat out or even at dinner parties? I am humiliated to tell hosts all of my dietary restrictions!


Answer by indiechick
Good luck! Trust me, it could be worse. I cannot have any gluten, plus I am allergic to most animal products. So I do vegan without the bread. I mostly just order salads when I go out to eat. It’s usually easier to stay at home though. Waiters look at me like I am from another planet when I ask for a gluten free menu. They have no idea what that is.

But the bet thing I can tell you is to stick with the basics. People are healthier eating less processed foods anyway. You do not always have to purchase prepackaged foods. It’s healthier, cheaper and hypoallergenic to cook from scratch. You can also bring your own condiments to restaurants with you. For example, you can order a salad and bring your own dressing or a potato and bring your own toppings for it. Also, huge buffet places with salad bars are usually good. I kind of eat rabbit food though, so maybe you would not find that very appetizing!

Are you finding many vegan restaurants in your are? We do not really have any here. I usually cannot eat at them anyway, because most vegan food contains gluten of some sort.

Answer by N
Im not a vegan but I have multiple food allergies. All nuts, sesame, whole wheat, yeast, pork, corn, soy, ETC. It is very hard. But, my physician told me that the tests aren’t 100% accurate. I had to take everything out of my diet the test showed I was allergic to for a month. Then add one at a time back. There are some my physician told me to stay absolutely away from. But the diet helped me know what I am allergic to and what I am not.
In the meantime these websites helped me.

Answer by Skeptic
The older a person is, the more they relate to “health” concerns rather than “saving the world.”

Don’t be embarrassed. Over three-quarters of Hispanics and Blacks have some form of allergy from dairy food products and most do not even know it. You are more aware of your body than most Americans, and you should defend your lifestyle choices as healthy. This will eventually help some people around you. When eating food prepared by a host, ask if they can prepare extra portions of steamed vegetables without oil.

I’d avoid genetically altered food products including corn, canola, and soybean since these are not labeled as such in the good USA. Oils are refined and are not healthy for your beyond your 1 teaspoon of Omega-3 oil per day.(See

Since the word “vegan” has been loaded with “animal rights” tin hats, I’d explain that you are eating a whole food plant based diet. I’d also explain that you are avoiding all forms of over-process and refined foods. That includes most oils.

Over 80% of soldiers killed in Viet Nam had a stage of heart disease. Most instances of the diseases of affluence can be prevented or reversed by a very healthy diet. This includes heart disease, cancer, Type II diabetes, stroke, obesity (if you can call this a disease),

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