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Posted Jan 25 2011 6:46pm

Question by A55555:
How do you become a vegetarian? What different types of vegetarians are there?

I am wanting to be on a diet because I am extremely overweight. I am 5’3 and weigh about 213 lbs. My problem is that I LOVE food and I was raised in an environment that when it came to dinnertime, you either ate what you had on the table or you went hungry, and that was including cleaning everything on your plate. My family were farmers and had very tiny as it was so we ate whatever we had in our house. Well, as far as I can remember, I have always done that. I have tried a few diets, with success but then gained weight back plus more. I have have been thinking lately about becoming a vegetarian. I have been thinking of this because my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are vegetarians and seem to be extremely healthy, along with being in their weight ranges for their ages. I am needing to know where and how I should begin looking into becoming a vegetarian and how many different types of vegetarians there are. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Answer by myheartisjames
there are many types of vegetarians….
lacto-ova vegetarians eat milk, cheese, and eggs but no meat or meat by products (such as gelatin)

lacto vegetarians still use milk and cheese but no eggs

pescatarians eat fish in addition to veggies and fruits

vegans eat NO animal products of any kind…not milk..not dairy….no gelatin…no cheese…no ice cream… and some not even honey…..

i have been a vegetarian…a lacto-ova vegetarian for many years now..and it definitely did not help me lose weight…

but if i ever manage to go vegan and cut out the ice cream and the fatty cheeses then i will lose weight….

Answer by INGY
there is a vegertatian who eats no meat or meat products and there is also a vegan who eats nothing from an animal so things such as milk and cheese eggs. If u want to loose weight you do not have 2 give up meat, meat does not make you fat. Instead give up highly processed foods for example fast food,chips, candy ect and you will lose weight fast. it is not the meat in you diet that is making you over weight. Try eating smaller portions of meat and a lot more salads and things because giving meat up all together will be very hard if you enjoy the taste. If u do give up meat you will need to take vitemans to make sure your getting the benefits you get from meat , like iron.

Answer by LacyLove
Welcome to vegetarianism!

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 8.
(but not for weight loss, I just love animals and did not like to eat them)

There’s a vegetarian, and then there is vegans.

A vegetarian just eats anything that did not have to be killed to get there (they still eat eggs, drink milk…) just as long as it did not have to be killed.

A vegan eats nothing that came from an animal.

Vegetarians aren’t always extremely healthy.
You can eat pretty much anything being a vegetarian or vegan, meaning potato chips, cookies, cakes, pretty much any junk food.

So no.
Hope that helps :-)

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