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Posted Oct 27 2011 3:47pm

Question by ★Becca★:
How do Vegan folk get their required nutrients?

I inquire this becoming sincerely curious, simply because a single of my pals just lately attempted to go entirely vegan, but ended up ill, so went back to just vegetarian.

I know the huge difference among vegetarian and vegan is that vegetarians dont eat meat, but vegans dont eat animal by-goods either. So, with that being mentioned, how do you personally get your essential nutrients to healthily function? i know there is a nutritional supplement for each tiny thing these days, but there is got to be a thing much superior than that.



Answer by caturdayz
A Vegan diet plan is some thing that ought to be handled carefully…
If you are not cautious you could finish up ill.

That staying mentioned nonetheless…

Vegans that correctly strategy their diets are healthier and a lot a lot more compassionate than “carnivores” and even vegetarians.

All the nutrients that vegetarians and carnivores can get vegans can get as well.

Solution by M_the_Beast
i take these vitamins. they function genuinely good. just before i started out to take them i became ill as nicely. i am not certain what they are known as but when i discovered out i will get back to you!

Solution by beebs
Neither vegans or vegetarians need to have a vitamin or supplement, as long as they are eating a nicely researched and nicely balanced diet plan. Consuming a blend of complete grains (buckwheat, millet, quinoa, flax, amaranth, and so on), leafy greens, fruits, vegetables , beans, legumes, pulses, lentils, starches, etc. will make sure that your good friend gets all she needs nutritionally. The far more obscure vitamins, this kind of as B12 and iron that most folks get from animal sources, can effortlessly be located in such points as unsulphored molasses, nutritional yeast, grains, and so forth. It needs a very good deal of study to learn the correct way to eat a vegan diet regime-but the final results are astounding. As well a lot of individuals just be concerned about giving up the animal goods and by goods, but do not do the investigation on what to replace those points with. Balance is the crucial to ANY diet plan, and studying about it in complete just before taking it on is the best way to make certain all your dietary demands are met. Its very likely that your buddy got sick merely from “detoxing” from the standard diet plan she was on-it requires time for the body to clear out years really worth of built up toxins. Several folks think they are “sick” from the lack of nutrients, but that is usually not the case, unless they are just pigging out on junk meals that is unhealthy to begin with. Perhaps your friend might possibly benefit from a trip to the library ahead of trying once more. I hope she doesn’t get discouraged also speedily.

What do you believe? Solution beneath!

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