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Posted Feb 11 2011 1:47am

Question by braiiiiinz:
How can I transition from eating everything to eating vegan?

I WANT to become a vegan. I feel strongly about a lot of things, but I find it hard to stick to just because a lot of foods I eat are due to convienience. I do not have time to make my food and end up buying things. Then I as I am eating it, I go, oh yeah, this has meat in it… Just because I have eaten it for so many years, It’s just habit. How can I transition from eating everything to vegetarian and then eventually vegan? Any tips?


Answer by Anzmous
Will power

Answer by glen r
visit a slaughter house, seriously

Answer by OhCrocodile
Switching from meat eating to vegetarian was not so bad. I ate fish for about two months before I did not eat any meat to ease into it. When I decided to become vegan it was a much harder transition. There is so much more to consider. It’s not as hard to do as some people think but it definitely kind of sucks. I mean I feel great about not consuming animal products but it’s soo boring and plain. Not eating cheese seriously is not fun. But there is plenty of vegan substitutes for normal food. And vegan pizza is surprisingly good. There is a lot of food that is “accidentally vegan” as well. You can google that and there is food that just happens to be vegan. mmmm Sunchips :)

Good luck.

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