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Posted Apr 17 2012 11:47am 1 Comment

Question by Syd:
How can I convince my father and mother to let me turn out to be a vegan?

I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year now (on the 8th of August it will be precisely a year). I genuinely assume I am all set to give up eggs and dairy from my diet plan, but my father and mother are dead against it. My mother informed me that as long as I live with her, I am not becoming a vegan. But everytime I eat dairy or eggs, I feel guilty and grossed out. There are not a great deal of vegan-friendly meals in the property, except for soy milk. Support!


Answer by coco1200
i have the exact same dilemma :[

Answer by Emilie89
You should do some severe research into how to be a healthful vegan and maby acquire some books, you could also speak to your physician and inquire for some assistance (take your moms and dads along) and then your parents could see that your really significant about it and that you know exactly what you really should be consuming, its really worth a consider!! Good Luck!! (P.S. The hyperlink below is very useful!)

Solution by I am a baaawss.
Dayummm, that sucks.
Your mother must be a btich, huh?
If I were you I’d get a job or do added chores or whatever your mother ..makes it possible for you to do to get added cash to buy vegan foods for your self. You mentioned you have soymilk.
Now all you require is soy cheese,
egg replacer, and
soy yogurt!

E-mail me if you need any tips on veganism…
or how to deal with your mom.
Excellent luck!!! =)

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This is NOT a recommendation, but when I became vegan my parents understood that they didn't have a choice. I would, essentially, not eat meat, dairy, or eggs anymore. They respected it, but they also realized that they needed to help me or I wouldn't be eating because I was too young to cook for myself. If they're still determined to oppress you, perhaps offer to make your own food, so long as they buy you what you need?
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