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Posted Jan 08 2011 1:53am

Question by Bri:
Can a vegetarian eat chicken flavored top ramen?

Does it have any actual chicken in or anything? It’s really the only thing I miss from my pre-vegetarian days, but I do not want to eat it if a chicken was killed in the process.
To the person who thinks that a true vegetarian should know what they should eat- I know exactly what I do and do not want to eat. I do not want to eat anything with meat. I might not be able to tell conclusively whether or not the product mentioned meets those standards, and therefore, ask for help in gathering information.


Answer by LJ
nope. you can’t eat any processed foods.

Answer by undrgroundskat3r
its noodles and seasoning! no chicken!

Answer by I Have Parasites
This is what I always state to questions like this. If someone is a TRUE vegetarian, they would KNOW what they can and can’t eat. You should not have to ask strangers if it is ok to eat something. You would know if you were a true vegetarian. Not yelling at you and nothing against you. This is just how I feel.

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