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Posted Oct 12 2011 9:59am

Our Chocolate Brownie Bar is made with fair trade organic, virgin cocoa meeting the highest good quality standards on the market. We combine this with California Deglet Noor dates which give fiber, potassium, and magnesium -nutrients that respectively, can help stabilize blood sugar, sustain healthful blood pressure, and develop sturdy bones.
Case of 12, 1.7-ounce individually wrapped bars (total of 20.four ounces)
Agave-sweetened vegan snack made with dates, almonds, walnuts, and c


SALE Price:


I struggled with rating this bar a 3 or a four. Taste is only about a three, but high quality of components in offering a healthful and edible alternative to a candy bar prices it a solid 4. Beneath is the gist a a evaluation I wrote for Larabar Fruit &amp Nut Meals Bar, Cherry Pie comparing it with the PURE Wild Blueberry Bar.&#13

When I was browsing for a healthier between meal afternoon snack I read a lot of evaluations for a lot of products. I needed some thing with handful of ingredients, not “fortified” and with some nuts in it. I settled on the Larabar Fruit &amp Nut Cherry Pie bars and the PURE Bar Organic Wild Blueberry Living Food Bar. I love cherries and I adore blueberries so they seemed like great alternatives.&#13

The stats of the bars are extremely related, excess weight (each 1.7oz, not 1.8), calories, fat, sugars, and so forth. The PURE has a lot more protein at 6g vs 4g. The Larabar has no sodium whilst the PURE has just a bit at 5mg. The Larabar is thicker, the PURE bar is wider. Visually the Larabar appears to have far more nuts in it, which doesn’t seem to jive with the protein stats. The PURE bar has a grittier texture whilst chewing so possibly more of the nuts are finely ground.&#13

1st ingredient is dates for both followed by almonds and then cherries for the Larabar and followed by blueberries and numerous nuts, natural agave nectar, rice protein and lemon juice for the PURE bar. A single would think with the additional components in the PURE bar they have been extra to tweak the flavor or give it a fresher taste, but the flavor of the Larabar is far superior than the PURE by a pretty very good margin. It has a a lot fresher and lively taste. I have to state the PURE bar is a bit cardboardy tasting to me and has a drier mouth really feel. It is not negative, in reality my 2 youngest children eat them readily, just not practically as very good as the Larabar. I think the tartness of the cherries in the Larabar kick up the flavor vs the milder blueberry flavor of the PURE (perhaps the lemon juice add as an attempt to kick up the PURE bar flavor and tartness?). In fairness I should probably review the PURE Cherry Cashew bar but I significantly select almonds more than cashews so do not program on ordering any from Amazon. If I stumble on the PURE cherry in a regular retailer I will give one a think about even though. I nevertheless get each auto shipped from Amazon for variety sake, but am looking for a superior tasting blueberry bar w/ fundamental ingredients like nuts.&#13

For grins right here is a comparison of the Larabar, PURE, Snickers, Hershey’s and Maruchan Chicken Ramen noodles in a couple of categories. Stats are listed in the order I listed them in the prior sentence.&#13

Calories: 190, 190, 280, 210, 380&#13
Total Body fat: 8g, 9, 14, 13, 14 Saturated Fat: .5g, 1, 5, 8, 7&#13
Sugars: 21g, 20, 30, 24, &#13
Protein: 4g, six, 4, three, 10&#13
Sodium: 0mg, five, 140, 35, 1540 !!!&#13

UPDATE Nov 11, 2009 PURE has changed this bar.&#13

I got my normal shipment and observed the bars came in a newly shaped box and new packaging. Total fat went from 9g to 8g and they eliminated all sodium. Complete carbs edged up to 26g from 25g. Protein remains 6g and calories at 190. &#13

The Massive Transform is that “Natural Wild Blueberries” drops from the 2nd item listed on the components list to the 5th! Blueberries are now soon after not only dates but walnuts, cashews and rice proein concentrate. Bumping up the nut content material would not be a poor issue, but considering that the total body fat actually decreased and carbs enhanced, I believe the nut quantity really decreased along with the blueberries, but the date quantity improved. This seems to basically be a date bar w/ nuts now and some minor blueberry content material. I’d adore to see the really quantity of blueberries in this bar. Ironically, I can actually see blueberries scattered in the new bar, whereas the old bar was far more of a dense mixed mush. The bar is noticeably lighter in color now (and density)…much more tan than blue. The new packaging implies a longer slimmer bar shape, but oddly the actual bar is shorter, wider and a tad thicker…package advertising and marketing? The total excess weight is unchanged at 1.7oz. I am still looking for an option blueberry bar…I envision expense is a massive issue in blueberry content. My two children will nevertheless consume these but they observed the transform right away and are not impressed.


This bar is the closest thing I have ever knowledgeable to consuming a brownie fresh from the oven in a packaged meals. I have no notion how the folks at Pure Bar managed to make a chocolate bar that tastes so much like baked goods, employing only raw and living ingredients, but it really is wonderful that they have, and I mean to purchase many a lot more instances. Any of the store bought brownies you have had will not satisfy you like this will – Entemanns and Hostess are not almost as delicious and warm-tasting, and the wellbeing food and power bars I have had that are chocolate flavored constantly end up tasting like wheat germ or oats. It’s easy to carry, a single bar fills me up, and as a chocolate fan, I am happy to see that Pure Bar uses raw cacao powder – the real deal, and not carob chocolate substitutes. You can certainly taste the variation. This specific Pure Bar product tends to make for the best tasting snackfood or dessert I have ever eaten out of a wrapper, and unless of course you happen to be on a absolutely raw vegan diet plan, it really is going to be far superior for you than what ever meal you ate just beforehand! If you like chocolate like I do, you are going to really like this. It’s a soft, gooey brownie, pure and straightforward, walnuts and all.

Tennyson E. Stead

Client critique from the Amazon Vine™ Program ( What’s this? )

As a person who is far more involved with well being and nutrition than the typical particular person that has also bought raw meals bars ahead of, I was joyful that this was supplied even though the Amazon Vine plan and I glady ordered the sample. It tastes great and it claims to include “nothing at all cooked, nothing at all processed,” but that is not the easy truth. The bar consists of “agave nectar” which does not take place naturally. It is not unprocessed and it is in fact, a very cooked and processed sweetener. It is derived from processing and cooking the core of the blue agave plant for numerous hours in order to break down its starches into sugars. Agave nectar was originally touted as a “healthy option” to table sugar, but it is possibly considerably worse than table sugar on your physique. It is essentially a super massive fructose syrup, just like massive fructose corn syrup, but with a significantly increased fructose content material. Normal substantial fructose corn syrup used in soft drinks is about 55% fructose even though agave nectar consists of a whopping 85-90% fructose. 1st of all, I do not understand why they believed they essential to sweeten this “raw” bar, and second, they used “agave nectar” which sounds very good to the uninformed, but it is not a raw ingredient and it has a very substantial fructose content. I think they used “agave nectar” to hide the further fructose (or sugar) on the label. There is controversy, but fructose and especially agave nectar could be negative for you. &#13

You can investigation for yourself, google “agave nectar negative”&#13

and look for entries from “foodrenegade,” “nourishedkitchen” and “living-foods”&#13

You can also google “fructose negative”&#13

examine out the hits from “about” and “the american journal of clinical nutrition”&#13

Fructose and in particular, Massive Fructose Corn Syrup are the subjects of a lot controversy these days. There are studies that conclude that there is no appreciable huge difference between sucrose and fructose to our bodies (and of course, fructose is a component of sucrose). There are also research that indicate fructose might be problematic. Regardless of which camp you are in, “agave nectar” is a concealed source of fructose in this bar and it is not raw. The reality that the manufacturer of this bar claims “absolutely nothing cooked and nothing at all processed” is practically nothing brief of fraud. &#13

Robert C.

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