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Pumpkin scent is in the air, Johnny Mathis's on the radio, I'm in pajamas baking. What's new?

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:04pm
With one babysitting family away, leaving my mornings and early afternoons way too free, I've established a temporary new living habit this week:

Go, turn on my favorite online Christmas station (usually with Johnny Mathis crooning a song - he's one of my favorites), listen to hours of Christmas music, remain in pj's until I am forced out of them, bake desserts. Repeat.

This would all be great if it was, say, December. But nope, we just started the lovely autumn month of October. But this is not a surprise for our Brooklyn household - even Steve is used to this by now.

See, I'm obsessed with all things Christmas. Actually, the days between Thanksgiving and December to be exact. Even if I'm not actually in that time period, whenever the mood strikes me, I pretend that I am. I could go on for hours about why I love the holidays, but to sum it up in three words: family, food, and comfort. And love too. (Okay, that's four words.) These things all enter the world a little more when the holidays roll around, it seems, so when I am feeling like I need those elements in my life, I turn up the holiday songs, get in the kitchen, and start dreaming.

Now, this will probably not be last time I talk about Christmas. I may randomly post about it in May when I feel the spirit come upon me. So, be warned.

The good thing about Christmas music for me, no matter what time of year? I am very productive while listening to it. I had two events to prepare desserts for: the upcoming Farm Sanctuary's bake sale today and a dear friend's birthday party, so I thought I'd make some delicious pumpkin treats. And I don't think I would have been able to do it without the holiday tunage. So, I guess it's okay to have a little quirk like my Christmas obsession, if it helps get the job done.

Look how productive...

And voilah! Pumpkin desserts abound...

Pumpkin spiced cupcakes...

And chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.

Every dessert has a story. And if these desserts could talk, they wouldn't. They'd probably be humming to "Sleigh Ride" right along with me.

Happy Holidays in October, people. Call your mom and/or dad and tell them you love them. Bake a lovely (vegan) dessert. Light a candle in your living room. Buy a pumpkin for your window sill. And dare to stay in your pj's just a little too long. You'll be surprised how delicious it can really be.
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