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products i love: natural vitality

Posted Apr 29 2013 6:30am


There are a lot of supplement companies out there these days. Some great, some not so great. So when a really good product comes my way, I feel the need to tell everyone I know about it. But for some reason, these recommendations never quite make it onto my blog. Which is silly really and I apologize for my negligence in this matter.

Recently I was contacted by Natural Vitality to try out some of their products and I was definitely intrigued. I am not a stranger to the company having used their product Natural Calm before. Not only did I find improved sleep when I used Natural Calm, I actually noticed a reduced frequency and severity in migraines. What I didn’t realize is that they actually have a range of supplements and I get to share some of those with you all today!

Natural Vitality stands out to me as a great supplement company for the following reasons:

  • high quality, organic supplements, proven with research
  • use liquid and water-soluble powder forms to enhance absorption
  • a portion of all earning goes into their Natural Revitalization environmental action initiative, a program that supports organic farming and environmental stewardship
  • a focus on obtaining quality ingredients, from quality production and growing methods

With so many companies out there these days using cheap fillers and difficult to absorb formulations, Natural Vitality is a breath of fresh air!

Now here are the products I got to try:

natural energy

Energy 28 is a natural energy supplement that uses golden chlorella, maca, superfruits and  24 organic fruits and vegetables. It provides energy without using refined sugar and caffeine.

This was a little sweet and a little sour and while they say you can eat it straight from the pack, I found it difficult to get down. BUT when mixed with water to make a “juice” or slipped into a pre-workout smoothie it tasted better and provided quite the boost! I took a pack right before heading to a birthday party and although I was completely exhausted before going, I managed to stay awake until 5 in the morning. Totally unlike me but I was sooo energized! Beware taking at night ;)


Organic Life Vitamins : This is a liquid vitamin supplement that can be taken as is, or mixed in water or a smoothie. It was named 2013’s Best Multivitamin in Delicious Living magazine which is pretty cool. I liked the flavour of this one better than the Energy 28 and loved the colour- I felt like I was drinking orange juice! It contains aloe, different fruits and veggies and ionized minerals to make a multi-vitamin that delivers a ton of nutrition and surpasses many Daily Recommended Values (which, please, are too low anyway). It’s a great way to kick start the day and I really enjoyed taking it!

While I liked these products, one thing I didn't love is that the Energy 28 and Organic Life Vitamin both contain organic agave nectar as a sweetener. I don’t use a lot of agave as a sweetener these days as I believe there are better options.  However, I don't think a little of it is the worst thing and it wouldn't stop me from using these products. Just keep that in mind when using these!


Plant-Sourced Minerals in green apple flavour: This supplement provides chelated minerals sourced from a prehistoric plant deposit called Senonian Vegetate, formed approximately 70 million years ago. This vegetate is mineral-rich organic soil derived from plants and naturally protected from mineral depletion. This supplement delivers 70+ trace minerals! While it doesn’t actually tell you what minerals you were getting and what quantity (can you imagine the label on that?) I did notice an improvement in my energy when I took it. The flavour was nice and mild, not too sweet and good mixed in water or added to a smoothie where it was barely noticeable. This one is sweetened with stevia which I liked. 


Natural Calm in Raspberry-Lemon flavour: a magnesium supplement which is mixed in water. This particular flavour was Raspberry-Lemon but it also comes in Natural. 

Why would we want a magnesium supplement? Magnesium is an mineral critical for so many reactions and processes in the body. One of it’s most famous purposes though, is as the anti-stress mineral! But it can only do this when it is properly balanced with calcium. Too much calcium and magnesium is depleted and relaxation is difficult to do. Natural Calm gives you an ionized (and therefore very absorbable) form of calcium to help balance the ratio helping to reduce things like stress, anxiety, fatigue and headaches. I myself have experienced reduction in these things with regular use. The raspberry-lemon flavour is nice, not too sweet and delicious hot and cold. This one is also sweetened with stevia, while the natural flavour isn't sweetened at all.


I decided to create my own little “slushie” with this product and I fell in love! This product fizzes when you add it to water, giving my blended drink that token slishie feel. Drank a couple hours before sleep and you will be sleeping like a baby, I promise you. 

I added a banana to the mix for a good dose of potassium, another mineral that promotes relaxation and improves sleep by reducing the number of times you wake up and reduces muscle tension. Water and ice is all that’s left to create this delicious anti-stress and sleep-promoting drink!

“Sweet Dreams” Slushie (Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Paleo, SCD)

Ingredients (serves 1)


Put the water in the blender and add the Natural Calm. It will fizz for a bit and let it do so until most of the fizzing is done. Add in the banana and ice and blend. Serve as is or chill in the freezer a little longer to help it get even more slushie! You could always add more ice but that would dilute the flavour.


NVlogo-Nobg (1)

Overall, this company brings stellar quality supplements that you know are providing significant health benefit. You can feel good about spending your money on these because they not only nourish you, but they also give back in support of sustainable farming practices. I noticed an improvement in my energy levels and overall health while taking them and would definitely recommend them!

Note: While I was provided these product free of charge, I was in no way onbligated to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.


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