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PretzelCrisps (+Giveaway)

Posted Oct 26 2012 3:06pm

I was sent wonderful products from Pretzel Crisps to review and giveaway few weeks ago.

These little crackers are so addicting with little bit of saltiness and a lot of crunchiness. Once you put your hand in the bag, it’s really hard to stop… I had to do a lot of self control practice through these snacks.
I am usually not a huge fan of pretzels because they are way too salty for my liking. PretzelCrisps, however, adds less salt compared to others. But no worries, they have that enough saltiness to be “pretzels”.

They come in many different flavors including Sesame, Tuscan Three Cheeses, Jalapeno, Everything, and even Cinnamon Toast.

I have to say that I would not eat them on a daily basis. They do contain wheat flour (not whole grain), and sugar (which is the second or third ingredient). Also, some of the flavors include artificial flavor and even MSG. I was really surprised and a bit disappointed. I am a health advocate so those ingredients definitely come as a no no.

I gave away some bags to my friends and they loved it! One of them ate the entire bag in one day, which isn’t surprising at all.

I ate them in several different ways. I crumbled them up on top of soup, paired it with hummus, and ate it with avocado spread on top. My favorite was the creamy avocado. I saw in pictures that you can even put slice of cheese and apple with it. I think that would be a wonderful appetizer for a party!


1. Visit Prezel Crisps and let me know which flavor you are interested in trying.

2. Subscribe to my blog through an email. You can do that at the bottom of this page.

3. Follow my facebook group page. link is here .

This giveaway ends on Nov. 2nd, 2012. Thanks!

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