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Playing Hooky

Posted Mar 25 2012 8:35am

There is just something about having that occasional extra day off. The sun seems to shine brighter, plans just fall into place, and it’s impossible to be in anything but a great mood. Maybe it goes back to that childhood mentality of playing hooky from school. Whatever it is, I feel that it’s important to take a day for yourself every once in a while.

If you’ve been following my ultra training you know I’d been having some troubles with my knees and have recently been easing back into my training plan. I’m really trying hard not to overdo it. I’ve cut back some miles, iced like it was my job and switched up my 3-mile run days for 30-minutes in the pool instead. I mean, why not get a head start on triathlon training. Right?

With that being said, after 5 days without a run I was absolutely dying to get some good miles in this weekend. Patrick and I played hooky (with the permission of our employers if course) on Friday our version of R&R… running and the river.


Friday morning we hit the Flatwoods trail for a 8-mile trail run. The weather was perfect and my knees felt great. So great actually that 8 miles turned into 10. That hasn’t happened in forever.

After our trail run we rented a kayak and soaked up the last bit of the days sunshine on the water. I first went kayaking last month at Crystal River and have been wanting to go again ever since. It’s such a peaceful way to spend a beautiful afternoon.


Saturday morning I woke up feeling great and set out for another 10-miler in downtown St. Pete. I was really able to check out and just enjoy the run.


I cant express how good it feels to get out there again. Good thing… that 50k is just two weeks from today. Yikes.

What’s you’re favorite way to get some R & R? Do you ever take a day off just to play hooky?

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