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Pizza Pizza!

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:07am
The other night it was nearing dinner hour and I didn't know what to make for eats.

I had picked up a package of whole-wheat panini flat-bread at our grocery store a few days earlier, with the intention of making some pizzas.

I said to hubby recently "it really irks me that all the pizza crusts on the market here are white flour, or full of nasty ingredients". He replied "you get so worked up about food". Ahhh, true! But, then I also get so excited when I find things I like - such as the whole-wheat panini!

So off to making pizzas I went, follow me...

Here you see the pizzas before baking. Mine is on the top left, with pineapple. Hubby likes pineapple but it doesn't like him, so his is without but with red peppers on the top right (and another 1/2 the same on bottom right).

Then on the bottom left is a 1/2 panini for the kidlets. As you can see 1/2 of this 1/2 is generously covered with kalamata olives for our 5 year old (that one day will pickle herself with this affinity for olives and artichokes)!!!

Basically, I smeared just a touch of pasta sauce as the pizza base, then topped with pineapple, capers, olives, red peppers, pine nuts, chopped fresh sage, and very thinly sliced onion (with topping varied for each person, as mentioned). Then when out of the oven I drizzled on some chipotle grapeseed oil that I picked up a few months ago (I'd love to try some of those other flavors on their website - wow)!

These were delicioso!!! Perhaps I enjoyed them so much because they were so easy to make... but the combo of toppings with the drizzle of chipotle oil was so flavorful, and of course the fresh sage... well, fresh herbs can make something go from tasting pretty good to great!

Pizzas are fun, easy, super-tasty... make some, go on!!
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