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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! Plus Peachy Slaw, Spicy Popcorn, and Cupcakes 3 Ways

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:05pm
Sunday night was pizza night! Chase always comes over starving, so I decided to have a popcorn snack ready for him. I popped some butter free popcorn, spread it on a baking sheet, and sprayed it with cooking spray. I mixed together cumin, chili powder, cayenne, garlic salt, cinnamon, and a little sugar and sprinkled it over the top. He and Liz ate every bit of it.

Chase brought Smokey over! He’s so sweet and just crazy about Chase. Remember when I could hold him in the palm of my hand? Not any more!

Chase helped me make the pizzas while Liz watched Smokey run around. (He also took all the pizza pictures.) I had two whole wheat crusts ready to roll out. First we made Thai Pizza on the pizza stone. The crust was spread with peanut sauce and topped with tofu, carrots, spinach, cilantro, green onions, toasted coconut, and peanuts.

Before baking…..

…. and after.

Next we made Mexican Pizza on a baking sheet. Its crust was spread with spicy mashed black beans and salsa, and topped with pintos, corn, green pepper, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Before baking…..

…. and after. We tried a few slices of FYH Monterey Jack on top. It sorta melted.

I had gluten free diet pizza. I grilled a Portobello on the Foreman and topped it with jarred spaghetti sauce and nutritional yeast.

It was excellent! Not at all like pizza, but I really enjoyed it. The kids ate all the Thai pizza and half of the Mexican pizza. I had a taste of each. They both turned out great, including the crust. Chase said he had always dreamed of a pizza with peanut sauce, so he loved the Thai pizza. Liz and I preferred the Mexican pizza with all the veggies on top.

Along with broccoli, I made a Peachy Jicama Cole Slaw. I julienned some jicama and diced a few peaches and added it to broccoli slaw and cilantro. I made a dressing of apple cider and olive oil and let that mingle with the peach juices. It was very tasty and pretty, and a great side for the pizza.

I made Lemon Gem Cupcakes from VWAV for dessert. I made three versions:

Patriotic (we’re having ice cream on the 4th of July)…..

…. regular …

…. and diet.

One of these is for the freezer until I can take it to my mom. These were really great tasting cupcakes, especially with extra strawberries and blueberries with it – like shortcake! The icing didn’t hold up too well, but nobody noticed. Chase and Liz each ate three! I really am on a diet. My birthday is around the corner and I can’t be old AND fat!

Smokey hopes you all have a fabulous Fourth!

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