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Posted Sep 03 2010 3:23pm
Happy Physical Fitness Friday folks!

Welcome to another edition of Physical Fitness Fridays.  Today's muscle of choice is the calf muscle. 

First, let's take a look at the muscle itself in depth from
Your calf (together with your shins) is made up of 3 major muscle groups

The Gastrocnemius

This is your largest calf muscle found at the backs of your lower legs. Its function is to help you stand on your toes.

The Soleus

This is the second muscle of your calf, found underneath the Gastrocnemius. Its function is to help you lift your heels from a seated position when you press your toes into the ground.

The Tibialis Anterior

This is the third muscle of your calf, found at the fronts of your lower legs. Its function is to help you flex your foot when you press your heels into the ground.

I found even more in depth information on about calf muscles, training and an array of exercises you can do both in the gym and at home to build and tone that muscle.  Get it by clicking here  and get started working those calves!
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