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Posted Nov 09 2009 12:00am

Pattaya is still very irritating. I picked it up today and it screamed so loudly that one would think I was murdering it! Indeed! And it shitted and pissed in my palm and wriggled so violently that I put it back. Soooooo irritating.

Haha. Anyway, had an early bday celebration at marina barrage last Saturday. It was such a great change to be around… friends whose lives do not revolve around sports or training. I don’t know how to describe it. It was just very relaxing.  A few hours ago, I was riding in the morning and Henry was next to me and being very tactless as usual, exclaiming, “wah last time cannot even smell your backside, now you become so slow. wah you really choose the wrong time to get injured and sick, so many strong young girls coming up now.” blahblahblah. i kinda just mentally rolled my eyes to myself. But I appreciate such brutally honest, no-EQ people. They are very… refreshing, for lack of a better word. Haha.

Anyway, pictures! Tired to post a long entry. Cheryl, bonnie and changxi brought wigs. Haha. There were weirdos who approached us to borrow our wigs!!! There was this indian family who was having a ball of a time taking pics of themselves in our wigs. After that wyna shouted,  “you still want to wear?!? Got cooties!!” Haha. I think my friends rock. :D i’m really very glad for them!


oh i saw the pics of the powerman race online just now, and felt this…pang.

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