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Permanent Link: Cows and pigs. Watch this!

Posted Nov 13 2009 12:00am

trying my best to cut down on dairy… my aunt came back from Italy! She’s a great cook and yesterday she made custard puffs. I said “PLEASE DON’T USE COW’S MILK” and persuaded her to use soymilk. The cream ended up tasting kinda gross. Wahahah!! Then no one wanted to eat it so i ended up eating all three batches of cream puffs. (i’ve a powerful stomach! wahah). but anyway, i think if she tweaks the recipe and puts less cornflour and more sugar, it’ll taste great! i’ll post pics of the FIRST SOYA CREAM PUFF IN BISHAN when i get home today.

on a random note, i super dislike it when people don’t address me by my name. Don’t they know that the NAME is the sweetest sound in the world to a person?? The worst kind of smses i get are: “Hey, lunch?”, “hey, gym?” “hey, happy birthday”. I don’t mind “hey, dawg” or “hey nigga” or “hey babe” or “hey sucka” or “hey sista”. but i just get very irritated with guys who hold an entire converstaion with me without once addressing me. Rude shits. Idiots. No social skills. Fail. Hope you never get girlfriend. Bwahaha

Guy next to me in class keeps looking at pics of boobs on the internet!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!! Don’t know what’s wrong with him!!!!!!!!!

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