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Peanut Passion Sauce

Posted Jan 30 2008 11:14am

Quick post today. This last week has been ultra hectic! But, I don't want to leave you without some vegan food goodness for too long...

This is a broccoli-tofu stir fry tossed with Peanut Lime Passion Sauce from E,D&BV. Actually, this time round it was an Almond Lime Passion Sauce! The original recipe calls for peanut butter (be sure to use organic natural pb - not that Skippy/Jiff stuff). But, I wanted to test the recipe with nut butters as an alternative for those with peanut allergies. Almond butter works beautifully, in fact, personally I prefer the almond version to the peanut - well, most days!
The sauce can be used straight as a dip, or can be tossed with soba or other noodles and veg (along with a touch water, lite coconut milk or non-dairy milk to thin the sauce) for a fast and delicious pasta meal, or as I've done here with just broccoli and tofu with the sauce (and non-dairy milk to thin). The sauce can be used for many dishes, and keeps well refrigerated. The lime really comes through in the seasonings as well, which tastes fresh and vibrant.

For this meal, I first sauteed cubes of extra-firm tofu to lightly brown. I removed the tofu from the pan, then added the broccoli and a splash of water, and covered the pan to steam the broccoli. Once cooked, I tossed in the sauce and the tofu, and voila, dinner! I served it on top of more Cran-Apple Quinoa, and of course a little salad on the side.

I'm not the biggest broccoli fan. When it's raw, I think of that line by Newman in Seinfeld... "VILE WEED"! I just don't like it raw (ditto for raw cauliflower). But, when cooked just right - not overcooked, just tender, I really like it. And tossed with a sauce so all those little florets pick up the sauce and hold it for every bite - oh yeah, I'm sucked in, and all of a sudden I love the vile weed! See? All those little broccoli florets coated with sauce? SO good! I've said it before - I'm a saucy girl (or was that my mom?). Well, both of us actually, but for obvious different reasons!

Also, for those of you interested in the developments of the Nina Planck article, check out South Texas Vegan blog. Erik Marcus has been keeping up to date (and responding to) developments with this issue, and notified me of the terrific letter Andrew wrote to the NY Times (scroll down his blog to read).

Now go sauce up some broccoli!

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