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Peanut Passion Sauce (with a kiss of lime)

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:06am
Well, that was the original full name of this recipe for ED& BV... Peanut Passion Sauce with a Kiss of Lime...

I loved the alluring sound of it, a kiss of lime in a passionate peanut sauce. ooooh la la! Yet, through the editing process, the name was too long, and it got cut to just Peanut Passion Sauce. Boo.

But, the sauce is still deliciously sultry and enticing!... a peanut sauce that is tangy and vibrant with fresh lime juice and lime zest. In the recipe, I give ideas on using the sauce; as a dip, to blend with beans for an instant 'hummus'; and here as a sauce to toss into pasta. Since the sauce is thick, you need to thin it. Use whatever you like - 'lite' coconut milk, plain soy or rice milk, or a little water. *Also, try the sauce with sauteed tofu and an abundance of veggies, as I posted about back in the summer.

When I make this sauce and pasta, I love adding broccoli. Either add it to the pasta cooking water for the last couple of minutes of cooking to lightly cook (don't overcook!). Then, drain pasta and broccoli, and toss with peanut sauce and some liquid to thin. Simple, and no extra pot to clean! Alternatively, saute some veggies in a large skillet, steaming the broccoli by covering the skillet, and then when ready to heat the sauce, simply add it to that skillet on a low heat, adding the needed liquid. You can even toss the pasta with the sauce and veggies right in that skillet if it's large enough.

Note that after the pasta sits for 10 minutes or so, it may need extra sauce/liquid, so stir a little through before getting seconds! As for me, I take care of the sauce by adding just a drizzle of the pure peanut sauce right on top of my serving, as you can see... shhhh, don't tell anyone I hoard the peanut sauce!
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