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Patrick Post: 1-Month Vegetarian

Posted Mar 02 2013 1:05pm

So my month of being a vegetarian has come to an end and I will admit, it has been easier than expected. It has taught me to cook new things, try new foods and really put into perspective how hard it can be to order at certain restaurants.


A good burger is one of my favorite foods. Publix makes an awesome cheddar and bacon stuff burger that cooks up so juicy that you have to be prepared to get messy when eating it. However, once I started this month, I had to make a switch. Tori bought me Morning Star Boca burgers to try.

Veggie Burger

I will say, nothing can compare to the delicious cheddar-bacon-burgers, but the Boca Burgers are actually pretty good. They are a bit smaller than the burgers I typically eat but it helps me with portion control.

One of the biggest challenges I encountered was restaurants. I recently took a trip to Boulder for work and we had to eat out every night. The first night I was in town, we all went to BJ’s Brewhouse for a huge company dinner. The company had ordered a selection on pizza, salad, and pasta. I really wanted to try their pizza, so I had a few slices of pepperoni and took the meat off. I ordered a side of caesar salad to go with it. For lunch, we ate at a little cafe next to our hotel. They only served breakfast and lunch so of course, I had breakfast. They made a fantastic juevos rancheros and french toast.


The next night, the guys had dinner at an american style diner. I was able to get a good salad but everyone was giving me grief about my little project for the month. As much as I tried to defend my decision and the health benefits, etc., none of them were having it. But I felt that I didn’t need to explain myself or justify my reasons. I was sticking by my choice and didn’t really think twice about it. Although the chicken wings and steaks did look amazing.


All in all, I am pretty happy with my decision. Now that the month is over I’m not going to jump back into the carnivore lifestyle. In fact, yesterday was the first day of March and I still ate 100% vegetarian.

I think that when I’m at home, Im going to try and stick with the vegetarian diet. When I’m on the road, I will do my best to eat as healthy and green as I can, but I also don’t want to limit myself. If I feel like a good burger, or steak or sushi, I’m going to enjoy them.

I am grateful for my wonderful fiance for helping me with this, going shopping with me and dealing with my indecisiveness at meal time. I can truly appreciate her vegan lifestyle and I’m glad that we can share some of it.  

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