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Posted Mar 29 2011 1:02pm

The taste of this broth is deliciously rich, earthy and packed with mushroom taste. A hint of natural garlic, pepper and sea salt bring all the flavors together in this robust commence to far more breathtaking dishes like soups, risotto, pot pies and much more.

  • Kosher Parve (P)
  • Is vegan
  • Is dairy completely free
  • Is no cost from corn
  • Is completely free from soy


SALE Price: $ 42.26


I do not consume chicken so I substitute turkey when chicken is named for in a recipe, even so there is no turkey broth. I cannot use vegetable broths due to the fact I do not eat tomatos. I have a white chili recipe I really like but employing beef broth messes it up. The discovery of the mushroom broth was just what I essential. It has great back up flavor with out dominating any dish in which I use it and is great for a wholesome saute. I really like it and use it all the time…..when I can discover it. I made the decision to verify the Pacific world wide web site to see if I could locate it in a retailer close to where I perform. Lo and behold, they referenced Amazon. What a relief!! I ordered a pack of 12 and because I have Prime, it came to me close to the same cost as the shop saving me the gas and frustration of attempting to find it. I will be ordering it on a regular basis!!!

Ga. Nanny

I purchased a situation of this mushroom broth based on the 2 positive evaluations, but I do believe now that these aren’t real critiques. They were probably written by a person hired by the seller to induce men and women to purchase. First of all, the broth has a smell of mushroom gone poor. Second, it has a bland and flat salty taste to it, and NO other flavors. I love mushroom and the sweetness of mushroom. When I cook mushroom in water, the h2o become quite flavorful. Not this broth. It tastes like h2o blended with salt and rotten mushroom. I employed some of it to make soup, but the smell was so poor that I ended acquiring to throw out the whole issue. I would have been superior off buying fresh mushroom to cook and make broth. It would have tasted 100% superior AND less expensive, too. I wished I had gone to the market and just purchase one particular container to try out just before purchasing a entire situation from Amazon. Wasted my money due to the fact Amazon will not accept returns of grocery items.&#13
If you want to attempt out for oneself, do oneself a favor, purchase one particular little carton at the market (like Entire Food) and attempt it out, so you will not waste – like I did.

Sensational! Wonderful taste, great nutritional make-up — all-close to amazing. Employed up a situation more swiftly than I could have imagined, and am about to order a second. If you ever make your personal soups, or if you like to add flavor by substituting broth for plain water as you cook rice, potatoes, couscous, pasta and so forth. — and specifically if you’d like a vegetarian substitute at instances — you will Enjoy this too! Can use in any recipe for beef broth and most for chicken broth. Get pleasure from experimenting! Fantastic Product.

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