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Posted Mar 29 2013 12:43pm

This is how I feel today…


Last Thursday I started having some soreness right below my shoulder blade on the left side of my back. I assumed it was just from lifting weights so I didn’t really think much of it. It stayed sore through the weekend but never really felt painful.

On Tuesday, I met a friend for a body combat class. During the first track I started feeling an intense pain in the same isolated area which eventually turned into muscle spasms.

I woke up Wednesday and felt awful. I skipped personal training and got a massage instead. The massage didn’t hurt but didn’t help either. When I got up on Thursday morning I was  in excruciating pain. I drove myself told work but realized once I arrived at my office that it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I couldn’t even sit down in my chair at work without wincing in pain. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance so I knew if I was unable to even sit down without pain it was probably pretty bad.

I called my parents to come get me from my office and they took me to my Doctor’s office.


 I’m lucky enough to have a Primary Care Physician that specializes in Sports Medicine. Check out his credentials above. He’s the Medical Director for St. Anthony’s Triathlon and  Ironman Florida.

His office is decorated in all things triathlon. Which I find comforting for some odd reason.


I especially love that when I ask him questions about when I can get back to swimming, biking and running, he doesn’t look at me like I have two heads. He genuinely understands what it’s like to get back to training.

After examining me and putting me through a series of range of motion tests he diagnosed me as having a tear in my latissimus dorsi.


He said the small tear is where the muscle and ligament meet, or where the red meets the white in this photo. He said “I’m not really sure how you did it” and honestly, I’m not either. He said it’s commonly caused by type of lateral pulling motion. It was just a freak accident I guess.

The good news is, it will heal on it’s own and pretty quickly. He said I need to take 5 days off but should be feeling much better after that. He also told me to ice it and stay well hydrated.

Taking time off is always easier said than done. I had a lot of biking and running planned with friends this weekend and was excited to take advantage of our spring weather here. I really hated to cancel them all but, taking care of myself and my health comes first.

And, since this post has been pretty down for a Friday, I’ll cheer it up a bit with a few of the engagement photos Patrick and I just got back.

05_Tori & Patrick.jpg 14_Tori & Patrick 15_Tori & Patrick 23_Tori & Patrick 32_Tori & Patrick 34_Tori & Patrick

All photos by  Dirk Shadd .

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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