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One day…

Posted Oct 21 2010 9:12am

I’d like to travel a country on two wheels… How can you NOT want to ride after looking at these pictures?

wicked switchbacks in France


Maybe I’ll plan my own solo Tour de Italy after graduation as my grad trip. Haha. I can stay at my aunt’s place, eat the organic veggies in her garden and explore the world of Italy on two wheels!!!!! Woooo~!!
I was just looking through pics of our Phuket to Singapore cycling trip two years ago. It’s so easy to romanticize the trip and gloss over it now that it’s done and dusted. So easy to talk about how a group of friends with the same passion for cycling rode from Thailand to Singapore in the name of charity.

But along the way, crashes happened, tempers flared, quiet discontentment crept in, and tired and weary people grew irritated with each other. We fell ill with food poisoning and skipped a day of riding,  we were sleep-deprived and exhausted, the winds seemed a bit too strong, the sun a bit too scorching, the food (especially the Malaysian ones) a bit too shitty, our legs too painful, and our minds too weak.

But we also met really wonderful and friendly Thai people who escorted us from one place to another, clamoured to take pictures with us, and warmed our hearts with their friendliness. We tested our limits, rode through some totally amazing scenery, and experienced the poverty of our neighbouring countries.

I wouldn’t change anything if I were to turn back time… except to grab nessa or taran along so that it would have been more fun. And I wouldn’t have to wake up at night to find myself ALL ALONE in the room, whilst my room partner secretly sneaked off to hanky panky with her boyfriend in another room. I’d really like to do another tour again….

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