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Om Nom Nom

Posted Mar 28 2013 8:46am

Om nom nom…Did the title make you hungry?  Oh, hungry for cookies you say?  For vegan (and some gluten free) cookies?  Well, how appropriate! ;)

Om Nom Nom Cookies  is a vegan cookie company that is dedicated to bringing you awesome cookies and “promoting an ethically conscious lifestyle and culture”.  They look like a fun bunch of people who are creative, artistic, and desire to mix work and play.

They recently sent me some of their cookies to get my honest feedback on -

Om Nom Nom

Flavors: Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Snickerdoodle,  Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle, Ultimate Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip.

First Impression:  They are HUGE and the packaging is super cute!

Final Impression: I liked these.  The Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle and the Chocolate Snickerdoodle were on the dry side (not bad dry, just like you’d want a glass of milk with it dry).  The peanut butter was probably my least favorite, but that is just because pb cookies in general don’t make my top 5 list of cookies – but if you love pb cookies, I have no doubt you would love these.  Their signature Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip was my standout favorite! It’s super soft, chewy, and super flavorful! They are packaged so sweetly, and with a name like Om Nom Nom, who can resist?!

You can purchase these cookies from VeganCuts

Go show Om Nom Nom some <3  Check out their Facebook  page and their Twitter page


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