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New Ingredients

Posted May 14 2009 5:05pm
Good Evening babes <3
I've been having a fabulous day considering what has been going on. I couldn't fall asleep last night (since I napped until 6pm) so at my normal bedtime I went to talk to my mom. We talked about colleges and things like that and I finally found something I might want to do. It just clicked. I'll go into more detail another time but I'm less stressed out now and I'm just going to enjoy my last 14 days of school!!!
My Oatmeal was simple today...
-1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup almond milk
-2 tbsp wheatberries
-1 tbsp flax
-scoop of ???
This would be the magical green goo that is sitting pretty on my oats this morning. Pumpkin Seed Butter! It was actually the first thing I ordered with my debit card (unlike most teenagers who spend their money on clothes) and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. This stuff has 10.5 grams of protein in each serving! Plus, it tastes absolutely amazing. I love pumpkin seeds and while it was a little dry, the flavor was just perfect.
After chatting with a very good friend and agreeing to babysit my little brothers for a couple hours, I made lunch. It was so difficult to make lunch, I don't know how my mom does it! First the baby was fussy, then the little ones wanted a PB&J, then the older one needed help with homework. Ahh! I did finally end up cooking my lunch and I very much enjoyed it. I made the CoconuttyButternutty Rice fromMaggie'sblog. This is my first time working with coconut milk (a new item forCCV's contest!), and I really enjoyed the flavor it lent to the dish. I used wheatberries instead of rice because I already had them cooked and I was a hungry mungry by the time I got home. Topped with some shredded coconut, this was a great meal. I also had a couple almond clusters for crunch.
I also found this prize on my doorstep, Jay Robb Rice Protein Powder in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry!Heather, my angel, sent me these samples and in true Heather fashion...I can't wait to try these out in a big bowl of oatbran. Thanks girl!!!

I was really tired from school, and watching the boys so I decided on a nap instead of yoga. I love yoga...but I'm not going to push myself to do it if I'm tired. I feel kind of guilty for not doing it but I've got to learn that I might not be able to exercise everyday. I can always look forward to tomorrow's session.
My nap wasn't too long today so I actually got to eat dinner at my normal time. I made a Hugh Jass salad...of course.
-baby spinach
-broccoli slaw
-snap peas
-BBQ sauce
Do I even need to explain this greatness?

Soon I will be doing a review of my goals for the month, I'm almost halfway done. How exciting!
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