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New Challenges, Diet Diaries and Lady Pain!

Posted Dec 12 2012 7:08pm

I write this post from my bed, feeling a little sorry for myself to be honest. Here we are, 12 weeks post C Section and I’m still feeling the remnants of the excruciating pain of a womb infection. Having finished another course of antibiotics, I’m praying that I’ll feel normal soon….but I’m actually doubting that very much.

I think Leo has been subject to the adverse effects of my medication, having had a couple of rough days. Thankfully he currently sleeps on my lap and must be having a nice dream because he keeps smiling :-)  IMG_4663

I’m beyond exhausted right now. With Leo being somewhat out of sorts, I’ve had to provide  24/7 cuddles and comfort to calm his cries. Poor little mite.

As many first time mothers find out, being a mum comes with lots of sacrifice and many confusing emotions. I don’t feel like myself at all. At the age of 3 I started dance classes. I danced through the years up until uni, where my interest in running, yoga and all things fitness emerged and became great passions of mine for the next 12 years of my life. Like one of my besties , food wise, I struggled with a anorexia for around 10years. I recall my lowest BMI reaching around 11.8 before I took drastic action to recover. I would say that it took the best part of 6 years before I felt okay in my own skin…………yup……then I fell pregnant.

Of course, having children was something I always dreamed of, yet my history of anorexia, low self esteem and depression made the whole prospect SO scary!!

Anyway…..I made it. I made it over what I feel, is the last and ultimate hurdle in recovery. Pregnancy and childbirth. There is a post within that realm, waiting to be written so I’ll leave that topic for today. However, what I will say is that I have lost all my body confidence as a result of having a C section. The pain and after effects have been major and even as I type this post, my eyes are full as I recall everything my body has been through and the years of training that, I feel, have been lost to a surgical procedure. I love being a mother with all of my heart, yet I feel pretty down about my loss of function.

Needless to say, I don’t want to cry or fall into the trap of depression. I just want to set myself a few fitness and nutrition goals and crack on with them. To begin with I will use this blog as a bit of a dairy to keep me on track and remind myself where I’m  heading. Plans always make me feel better and I feel like I need one right now…to make sure that I get that bit of myself back before I relapse into old thinking patterns.

My Goals for now…..

1 – Go to the gym 3 times per week come rain or shine!

2- Do some yoga each day – even 5 minutes helps

3 – Record my meals and snacks on le blog!

4 – Get the cook books out and try one new recipe per week

5 – do some abdominal work every day – again, every little helps!

So…..I guess that’s it. Kind of like a health diary. To give me structure, keep me sane and let me get my mojo back!

I’ll start with today’s lunch – falafel wrap from M&S :-)

IMG_4678 And here’s a little gem of a mini muffin that I had a couple of days ago. I was experimenting in the kitchen and came up with a batch of these little tasty treats. They’re nutritious, high in protein and contain oats for slow energy release.IMG_4657

Oaty Apple and Almond Muffins

Makes 9 mini muffins

- 1 cup oats ground into a flour

- 2 pink lady apples

- 2 sachets stevia

- small handful crushed almonds

- 3 egg whites

I blitzed the ingredients in my Vitamix and shared the mixture between 9 mini cupcake cases. 30mins at 120deg C. Yummy!!!

IMG_4656Anyway…..the kettle and a cuppa are calling so I’ll se ya tomorrow!


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