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Negotiating with a negotiation professor

Posted Apr 11 2011 2:45am

I made up my mind to go for the Money and You seminar (or, as Eli calls it,”Money FROM you” seminar) this Thursday. Upon further pondering though, I realised I couldn’t skip my exam paper which takes up 45% of the total grade. Cos I’ll definitely fail if I don’t turn up, which means I’ll have to pay for another semester. Not worth it at all. So instead of taking a coach up there with everyone else in the morn, I’m booking a lone flight there after the paper. And goodness knows I’m so clueless at airports. I do hope I find the right terminal and the right place to check in and get on the right plane, and not end up in Timbuktu or Zimbabwe.

Yah so anyway, before that, I tried negotiating with my prof about letting me take the paper earlier or later. But it was a no go, because he doesn’t lose out if I don’t turn up for the paper. Boohoo. Anyway, I’m most probably not gonna work for Champ Sys anymore, cos first, when the Oz Managing Director emailed me and asked me to state my pay, I high-balled him (which is to say I threw him rather ridiculous high terms) and he seemed very shocked, and low-balled me by offering terms that are worse than my Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. If I have lost you at this point, it’s okay. I’m also lost as to what I’m saying lol.

Anyway, on the bright side, Clement’s gf sent me the ebook of Millionaire Fastlane and it’s SO insightful. Hahahaha I realise I seem to say this about many books, but seriously, this book is very no-nonsense and straight forward, and in comparison, the other books do seem very fluffy and unsubstantiated. It really blows my mind. I’m so glad I get the chance to read this at this important pivoting moment in life. It has totally changed my mindset about everything!

It’s not just about making money, which is hardly the point; the book talks a lot about freedom, and time – I realised I wasted many years of my life sitting through dull classes, facebooking, watching korean dramas, reading frivolous books, etcetc – when I could’ve spent it reading and learning more important stuff. Time is life, and any time we waste time, we’re wasting chunks of our life. Very, very illuminating. I strongly recommend EVERYONE to read it. I’m also more clear about what I wanna do, and what I don’t want. That is, I don’t want to be a rat, I don’t want to spend Monday to Friday working so that I can purchase freedom on weekends, or spend the next 30 years of my life working to buy freedom when I’m 50 plus. Freedom would be working from a laptop, perched at the top of a mountain in Italy, on a swing outside my house, and a farm where I grow my own organic veggies. Haha. :) And a dog-sized hamster.

I’ve also been reading up on social media marketing strategies (how to market your company through FB and Twitter, etc) and it’s VERY interesting. And I just read a book on how to write compelling web copy, which is different from normal copywriting, due to the differences in the way people read e.g, a paper, and a computer screen. Very fascinating stuff. They should really teach this in school.

Very excited about the seminar (though I’m less than thrilled that we’re gona be sleeping at 2am to 3am everyday) and the people that I’m gonna meet and the master classes after that!!! If I happen to meet a young, hunky hottie millionaire business owner at the seminar, I’ll be sure to update on my blog from the hotel. Ha.

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