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Posted Nov 05 2011 9:02am

What takes place when an award-winning Texas chef goes vegan? Nearly everything great… except for the cheesy Tex-Mex cravings that would not go away. When no other recipe or item in the universe came even close to the “genuine deal” of Mother’s cheesy queso recipe, hours in the kitchen perfecting the ultimate vegan queso resulted in the mind-blowing all-all-natural queso perfection with the identical Southwestern taste and creamy texture, but greater. Most other quesos out there skimp on the most costly ingredients


SALE Price:


I have to admit that I was skeptical. I live in South Texas and have had some killer Queso in my day so I had no idea what a vegan Queso sauce would taste like since it would have NO CHEESE or dairy merchandise of any sort. Still, I entertain some vegan buddies so I thought that they have been possibly utilised to “unusual tasting stuff” so I gave it a consider.&#13

The very first thing that I noticed was that the colour was rather close to typical Queso, maybe just a shade darker. Even so, the aroma was the point that 1st amazed me. As a serious property cook I pride myself on my “nosing” ability but I had to wonder if it was letting me down since I swear it smelled like cheese. The aroma of fresh peppers, tomatoes and spices all mentioned “Queso” but it was the fragrance of nacho cheese that threw me off. How did they do that? Now, to taste it…&#13

1st I attempted it at area temperature, right out of the jar with a spoon.&#13

1st taste: This stuff is very good&#13
2nd taste: This stuff is Truly great&#13
3rd taste: I gotta get my chips!&#13

I heated some up and attempted it with some homemade tortilla chips. I am not exaggerating when I state that this is some of the best Queso that I have had on either side of the border. Not only was the taste right on target but the texture was what I would anticipate from a traditional, nicely produced cheese sauce. I had to see what was in it. Beside the usual ingredients (tomatoes, chiles and seasonings) there is one thing called “nutritional yeast”, calcium chloride (a all-natural firming agent) and unbleached flour. Nothing weird at all. &#13

I ran across the street to get my vegetarian/semi-vegan neighbor to attempt it (plus, since she is really appealing I am often looking for an excuse to talk to her). She did not think me when I mentioned that it was vegan so she looked at the label. Then she tried it and her eyes lit up. Appropriate away she asked, “Is this fattening?” (she watches her weight and has a trim figure, not that I discover that type of point). Very good query I mentioned, there is always a catch. I read the Nutritional Facts label silently, I reread it then mentioned, “Effectively… there are 16 one particular as soon as servings per jar, how do you really feel about 160 calories?” She mentioned “Per serving? I guess it would be really worth it.” Then I mentioned, “Per jar!” &#13

I can not wait to try out this on potatoes, burgers, chicken and burritos, but I have to wait until finally I get another jar. My neighbor took mine (did I mention that she was hot?).&#13

I seriously advise this for vegans as properly as these with a carnivorous appetite. It is that excellent.&#13

P.S. – If you like your queso a tiny spicier you might well want to try this a single:&#13
Nacho Mother’s Fire Roasted Vegan Queso, 16 oz. Jar &#13

Timothy B. Riley

Effectively, I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but have eaten a lot of vegan food and have created my personal extremely very good and fattening cashew based mostly vegan queso. Thanks to Nacho Mom, I can now indulge guilt completely free. &#13

This tiny dip is speckled with green chile and chunky tomatoes. It is pleasantly spicy (but not too significantly), bold, tangy, and filled with lots of flavor. &#13

It has a surprisingly wealthy texture without the overly strong nutritional yeast taste that a lot of vegan “cheese” sauces have. I do not know how she pulled this off, but it really is really breathtaking how considerably this tastes like genuine queso.&#13

I heated up some for lunch and genuinely enjoyed it with my baked chips. It is also delicious cold, appropriate from the jar. &#13

No matter whether vegan, non-vegan or dieter, you will certainly get pleasure from this wonderful dip. I concur with the rest of the reviewers, It certainly is a fantastic find. Great Work Nacho Mom…and congratulations!!!&#13


I heard about this dip on Hungry Girl and made the decision to give it a consider. I went to a Vegan store in Portland (I’m a Excess weight Watcher, constantly hunting for a reduced calorie meals, but not a Vegan). I bought one particular jar, and opened it to sample it with the tortilla chip that I’d packed with me :) &#13
I instantly bought two far more jars on the spot! This stuff is scrumptious. Each person who tastes it, adores it (except it was a bit spicy for my elderly Mom). On the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program, it is zero points for 1 oz of it (only ten calories as well). &#13
Attempt it on a burger, or burrito, or baked potato. &#13
Enjoy — this is a major “meals find!”

willamette river

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