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My Plant-Strong Diet

Posted Aug 24 2012 10:36am

I don’t want to call it a “diet”…it’s just a way of eating.  I’ve done it before… and loved it… but then distractions get in my way and I let other not-so-good-for-me foods creep back into my life…and soon, even though I’m still mostly vegan, I’m not at the health I want to be.  Back in February, I did a juice-only fast for 30 days.  Hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Crazy hard for the first few days, but then surprisingly “easy”, though the temptation was always there, and it became SUCH a mind game.  I did lose weight.  About 18-20 pounds.  Then I gradually added back plant-based foods.  Then some not-so-good-for-me foods…and you get the picture.  I also stopped weighing myself (which I think really is something to work towards), but then got it in my head that since I didn’t really gain any of the weight back in the first month or two after the fast, that my body must be holding strong and I’m okay to kind of loosen up.  Haha.  Not so.  As of Monday, I was back up to 168.4 (from my low of 157 and my high of 176)  I was quite perturbed.  But was not going to let myself get too down in the dumps.  So I just dug deep and pretended I was just continuing from where I left off instead of starting over (it makes a big difference just to think of that differently).  And as of yesterday morning, I was 163.6 (though the scale I used is notorious for spewing back random numbers, but at least it’s going back down).  I’m not juice fasting this time, but really being plant strong…incorporating juices and smoothies and whole plant-based foods.  Also need to increase and stay consistent with my workouts and drinking lots of water (that’s a very easy one for me to slip up on)

As an example of what I had yesterday: Carrot-Orange juice for breakfast, a large spinach salad with all the fixings for lunch (spinach, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, black beans, a few pineapple chunks, raisins, spices, and an oil-free mustard vinegrette), a tropical-green smoothie for dinner, and snacks of leftover carrots and green beans and a mug of orange-cinnamon spice herbal tea with vanilla almond milk and a spoon of honey.


Do any of you have the book, “The Engine 2 Diet”?  That’s a book I want to read asap.

Today, I made a new smoothie recpie…quite possibly a new favorite (right up there with my tropical green smoothie):

Chocolate-Orange Green Smoothie

-1 banana

-1/2 C frozen spinach

-1/4 C frozen carrots

-1 1/2 C Almond Breeze chocolate milk, unsweetened

-6-8 ice cubes

-1/2 dropper of NuNaturals Nustevia orange (I love this stuff – it’s on sale at vitacost – and if you haven’t used your $10 off coupon yet, you can get it for free)

-1 orange, peeled

Combine everything into a VitaMix or other high-powered blender.  So rich and chocolately with a hint of orange.  Yeah, it’s green.  I didn’t get a picture as I was too busy enjoying it (but just picture any other green smoothie you’ve seen or made and that’s what yours will probably look like)  It’s tasty!  Oh, and it makes 1 very large serving or 2 more normal servings.  Nutritional facts (as 1 very large serving): 245 calories, 6.5 grams fat, 10.9 grams fiber, and 9 grams protein.

Other random stuff:

Want a way to scare someone?  Try a face mask, guaranteed to work!

Something else I did yesterday?  Made the LE (limited edition) Fall 2012 Arcadian Designs scents available on my shop ! (a bit excited about that).

I took this quote out of Kirk Cameron’s blog this morning (I love that guy!):

“Because of Jesus, the grave is not the goal, and the funeral is not the finish. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared person”-  Are you prepared?

What are your plans for the weekend?  My only real plans are to get some stuff straightened, work on figuring out a daily meal plan, and other such mundanities.

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