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My Favorite Things Part II

Posted Dec 30 2011 10:49am

I started writing this post about a week ago, but it’s been in the “Draft” folder ever since, with Christmas and everything I just didn’t take the time to finish it.  Part I of “My Favorite Things” focused on beauty items.  Part II will focus on health/exercise items.  It has truly been difficult coming up with a list…not because I couldn’t think of things, but because my list could easily become obnoxiously long.  Again, just as in the first part, these are in no particular order.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine/Hot House ( )

(I will do more in-depth posts about these in the future… I know, they look crazy!)

Oxycise ( )  – I began doing this in 1998 or something like that (8th grade I think)….I only lost a few pounds (2 or 3 if I remember correctly), but I do remember a few people telling me how good I looked and “you’re losing weight, aren’t you?”  But I for some unknown reason, had stopped doing it, tried other things, did nothing, would go back to it for a little bit,… but the thing with this is it only works when you actually do it (haha, imagine that?!)  So yes, if you’re reading these exercise favorites and thinking to yourself “well, then why isn’t Kelly at her ideal weight?”  That would be because I’ve got a probably with consistency.  Yep. I do.  I did do it this morning, and it’s definitely on my resolution list.  These can be bought from their site, or also from or ebay for quite inexpensively (I still have the old VHS of these – almost all the tapes for variety, but just a few years ago they put out an updated version with Jill’s daughter leading it).  Here is a little clip:

T-Tapp ( ) – This is another exercise program I think is great.  If you go on the website, these are a lot of “Try Before You Buy” exercises (in video form and written instructions).  This system is a bit pricier.  However, if you decide to buy it, buy the book “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” first because in the back of the book is a coupon for 30% off I think it is.  Here is an introductory clip followed by 2 of the “Try Before You Buy” clips:

Amazing Grass -( )

I’ve tried a lot of green powers in the past year, and this is still my favorite.  I like the Chocolate (of course, haha) and the Berry flavors the best.

Vitamix -( )

Ah, where would I be without my Vitamix?!  I’m not sure, actually.. 4 years ago or whenever it was that I bought it, I had just the slightest reservation, but it has definitely been one of the best decisions ever.  Even though it is expensive, you get an amazing blender that makes 5-minute from-scratch piping hot soups, sorbets/ice cream, ground up flours, bread dough, and a ton of other things.  The only 2 negative things I’ve found it doesn’t do so well with is making nut butters and juicing (because even though it pulverizes the fruits/vegetables, I feel like I’d still have to strain it for it to be truly juicing)

Skechers bikers step up

These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn in my entire life…

Manna Bread Sunny Sourdough ( )

nutritional yeast – I get this at either the grocery store or the health food store.  It’s not something I’d eat plain, haha, but I’ve used it so often in the past year or so that I wouldn’t want to be without it.  I mostly use it in my “cheese” sauces as well as sprinkled over popcorn.

Enjoy Life Foods soft cookies – so it’s an established fact that I have a sweet tooth…it’s something I’m constantly striving to curb, but sometimes you just need a bit of sweet,…and if there is chocolate involved, even better!  I posted about these cookies here , and my view has not changed.  Yum!


So that was a list of just a few of my favorite things…it really could go on and on, but then I’d have nothing left to talk about!   Oh, don’t forget – only 1 day left to enter the Libre Tea Giveaway !

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